17 seconds fatal error to help Shenzhen team lore Sun Minghuikong cut 28+10 hate_zhejiang Guangsha team_assist_pass

Original title: 17 seconds fatal mistake to help Shenzhen team to kill Sun Minghui empty 28+10 hate

On December 28th, Beijing time, the CBA regular season continued, in which Zhejiang Guangsha team encountered the Shenzhen team 105-106 lore. Sun Minghui scored a double-double of 28 points and 10 assists, but a pass error in the last 17 seconds helped the Shenzhen team break fast and Gu Quan completed the lore.

Because of the controversy with the Guangdong team in the previous game, Sun Minghui received a technical foul and an illegal foul in just 8 minutes, and was eventually sent off. Although the Guangsha team defeated the defending champion Guangdong team, Sun Minghui’s uncomfortable behavior aroused heated discussions among netizens.

In the second scene against the Shenzhen team, Sun Minghui continued to start, and Sun Minghui, who “eats a bit and grows a wisdom”, is also obviously calmer, and he has a good control of his emotions.

Once he dribbled the ball through halftime, Sun Minghui’s change of direction was seen through, Rong Zifeng easily stole the ball, and then Sun Minghui watched Rong Zifeng to score an empty basket. For this steal, Sun Minghui did not complain to the referee, but turned to express his apologies to the coaching bench.

In fact, in the first quarter, Sun Minghui’s performance on the offensive end was remarkable except for this mistake. He made 3 of 5 shots in the campaign, including two three-pointers, a team-high 8 points in a single quarter, and 2 assists.

It was precisely because of Sun Minghui’s rest that the Shenzhen team established a 5-point lead after the end of the first quarter. Re-launched in the second quarter, Sun Minghui continued to implement the strategy of killing the insiders. He led the Guangsha team to a 29-17 single-quarter victory over the Shenzhen team by 12 points, successfully achieving a go-ahead, while Sun Minghui contributed 6 points and 1 assist.

From the second quarter to the third quarter, Sun Mingxuan kept playing, which is also his way to save his energy for the final period of the final quarter. The Guangsha team had already contributed 19 points at the end of the core three quarters.

In the last section, Sun Minghui began to exert his strength. After two assists and teammates scored, Sun Minghui hit his fourth three-pointer at the top of the arc. After stopping the Shenzhen team, his personal scoring and assist data also reached 20+10. This season, Sun Minghui has scored 20+10 three times, among which the Guangsha team has 2 wins and 1 loss.

The Shenzhen team played a 12-2 wave of attacks, reducing the point difference to 1 point. At the critical moment, Sun Minghui made a breakthrough layup to help the Guangsha team stabilize the situation. In the team’s first 13 points, Sun Minghui scored 7 points alone, and it was difficult for Sun Minghui to prevent the Guangsha team from collapsing.

With 38.9 seconds left, Sun Minghui dribbled the ball in the backcourt. He did not pass the ball in the face of a double-team, but when 24 seconds were about to run out, Sun Minghui chose to force a jumper. Fortunately, he hit the ball this time. Guangsha team led 105-101 by 4 points.

Since then, the Shenzhen team hit a three-pointer, and Sun Minghui still intends to do the same. He advanced from the backcourt again, and everything was the same as before, but this time he chose to pass the ball after breaking through. Because it was a sudden pass, Hu Jinqiu was completely unprepared, and finally saved the ball, while the Shenzhen team played the ball. kill.

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