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Amazon time sale (Amazon) held every day. Today, February 7, 202318% off “Theatrhythm Final Barline” released on February 16, 29% off for Prime members on Fire TV Stick 4K MaxThere are many such deal products

The prices below are as of 17:00 on February 7, 2023. There is a possibility of changes and sales, so check each sales page (size and color selection is also possible, but some sizes and colors are not on sale, so check the sales page carefully).

If you’re a cash person, let’s shop by charging the gift certificate

Amazon gift cards can be charged at convenience stores, ATMs, internet banking, etc.

“Theatrhythm Final Barline” to be released on February 16th is a bargain with an 18% discount for pre-orders!

“Theatrhythm Final Barline”, a rhythm action game full of carefully selected gem songs from the “Final Fantasy” sequel series,18% off and a deal if you pre-ordercan be purchased at

As well as the latest songs from works numbered from FF1 to FF15, remakes, side stories, various soundtrack CDs, etc.Collected from more than 40 works in totalAnd the volume is perfect.

Stay in place with two managersAlso supports pair style where two people can play togetherYou can play with your family and friends because you can.

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“Digimon World -next 0rder- INTERNATIONAL EDITION” is also 18% off and pre-orders are accepted!

“Digimon World -next 0rder- INTERNATIONAL EDITION”, a training RPG game where you can “adventure” in a different world digital world with your partner Digimon and “battle” with wild Digimon.18% off and accepting pre-orders!

Inheriting the system of the “Digimon World” series,Raise living Digimon, each with their own personality and lifeit can be enjoyed.

now,Early purchase rewards give you an edge in the gameYou can do it, so check it out.

>> See the list of software currently accepting pre-orders for Switch

“Fire TV Stick 4K Max” can be purchased at a sale price if you are a prime member!

“Fire TV Stick 4K Max”, which supports next-generation Wi-Fi6,29% discount for Prime membersAnd you can buy at the price of the festival sale time!

If you have a TV that supports 4K video,Smooth playback of 4k content.

If you are a Prime member, the works are eligible for Prime Video member benefitsUnlimited viewing at no extra chargeI’m doing my best.

>>[Aelodau pennaf yn unig]The Fire TV series is a bargain

31% off the Kalita Coffee Measure, which can easily measure one cup of ground coffee!

Kalita coffee measureMeasure ground coffee easilyIt is a useful item that can be used.

About 10g per scoopTherefore, it is possible to measure one cup of coffee powder easily.

With the gleam of refined copper,Exceptional luxury and recommended as a giftThis product is31% offand a deal.

>>See the list of sale items for coffee makers

“Ayataka Tea Leaf Amami 525ml PET” is a bargain at ¥87 per bottle!

“Ayataka Tea Leaf Amami 525ml PET x 24”, which stands out for its mild “Amami” tea leaves,Bargain price at 87 yen per bottlefor sale at

Along with “Amami”You can also enjoy the nice and green aroma of the tea.So it fits in every scene of everyday life.

If you are buying in bulk,It doesn’t take time to buy every timeSo it’s convenient.

>>See the list of food and drink products eligible for sale

Lots of other great deals!

>>[Heddiw yn unig]TAMATOSHI and MAWA hangers, racks, etc. are great deals

>>[Heddiw yn unig]Popular SEED COMS supplements are on sale for 24 hours

>>[Dydd San Ffolant]Special price for “Takumi” series.

>>[Arbennig Dydd San Ffolant]Sweets from Kyuemon Ito are a bargain

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Kindle Daily Sale on February 7, 2023

* “Kindle version” applies on the sales page.

Below is a list of items currently for sale. Check the items that are important to you at any time.

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>>Go to the upcoming “Sale Time” product listing page (click here for the mobile version)

>> Amazon (Amazon) Visit the page for a list of upcoming “Limited Size” time sales (PC version only)

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