18 Texas Tech is not fighting cold at West Virginia 81-50

Texas Tech has played plays and scoring points and West Virginia has gone over 15 minutes without field goal in the first half.

The Red Radio No. 18 on his way to another Sunday victory, this time 81-50 to speed his biggest peak in the history of the school, and only two days after a 16-point loss at No. 13 Kansas.

"We were very disappointed," said Brandone Francis, the senior Tech Guard. "We had a team meeting, one player meeting, and we came out and put everything in the future."

Francis won 16 season-high points for the Red Raiders (18-5, 6-4 Big 12), who lost four of the five Big 12 games previously. They took control of a 13-0 midway running through the first half. That was part of that stretch longer when the Mountains lost 11 consecutive shots, but 11 spending was made free of charge.

West Virginia (10-13, 2-8) finished only nine of their areas, the biggest 12 of the Big 12 team and the overall match of North Carolina State in a 47-24 loss to Virginia Tech's Saturday is the team's smallest team in the game this season. The 9-out-39 (23 percent) mountaineers were shooting in general, and made 29 free throws.

"They shots and we did not shots and then we spent the ball with them," said the committee, WVU Bob Huggins. "We're a great group of guys. We've got the ball to anyone. They're very good."

The new person, Derek Culver, had 15 people, among his 23 points, with five of his 26 WVU holders.

The Spurt soon put on the Red Raiders ahead for the first time – and wait. After spending two games Matt Mooney on the game at 14, Norense Odiase had a slam putback. Odiase won several times against three defendants, who were left outside and was still under another quote.

"It's one of the most physical guys, most of our series," said Chris Beard, the Tech coach.

Texas Tech had a strong lead after Francis had a steal, drove it and cut off two emerging defenders and switching the ball to his right and making baskets falling out of the basket. Jarrett Culver got the next points when he put 3 points into the shot when the shot bell expired to make it 32-18.

Culver finished with 12 points, with 11 and Deshawn Corprew at Davide Moretti 10. Odiase had nine points and 10 rebounds.


West Virginia: The Winners were out of town to win over Oklahoma, but lost the third road game in 10 days. He suffered the worst Big 12 loss since he came into the series seven years ago. CTU had a 31-point loss (98-67) last month.

"We do things that I do not think they would really get out in school," said Huggins.

Texas Tech: Red Raiders dropped two more spots in AP planning earlier Monday – they were No. 8 in the poll three weeks ago. This loss came to Kansas after its 19-point win over the previous TCU on Monday. Tech 53 percent from the field (30 of 57), even when the last eight minutes were missing and scored in the last 5 minutes. He agreed to win a Big 12 31-point victory over Baylor on January 2, 1999.


Logan Routt from West West play back from the game in the second half and was sitting on the bench. The officers looked for a rehearsal to determine that Routt had routinely polluted Mooney when he was trying to get back to court after making a shot near the WVU framework. Never got Routt in the game.

"I did not get it personally. We made two of our coaches. The reviews made a good job to find the drama," said Beard.

Moretti made the two free throws after the TV, and Mooney struck 3 points to complete the possession for 49-22 lead.


West Virginia West returned home to Texas to play on Saturday. The Mountaineers have had weeks before they go to Kansas, who lost in Morgantown on January 19.

Texas Tech plays at Oklahoma on Saturday.


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