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Japan’s OPPO is a low-cost smartphoneOPPO A77We started distributing software updates in January.

This is a regular update aimed at improving security, but the size of the update file is concerning1GBhas becomeBig updatein.

  • OPPO A77 security update with 1GB capacity
  • Some display changes after update

OPPO A77 security update with 1GB capacity

OPPO has started providing the latest software update for OPPO A77.

According to the content notified to the terminal, in the distribution update in January 2023,Android security patch updateit is expected to happen.

version is「A.27」As a result, the size of the update file falls into the large capacity category as a minor update.1.01GBin.

Some display changes after update

When I installed the A.27 version update with a capacity of 1GB on my OPPO A77,Change partial displayetc. seen.

First of all, as stated in the update guide, the Android security patch has been updated and the date is January 5, 2023.

In addition, changes have appeared on the lock screen in the confirmed range, and the clock fontDisplayed thicker than beforeavailable now.

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