2 billion won in damages, 252 cases of fraud… Hanvely fully exposed of large-scale insurance fraud

(Photo = catch broadcast)

‘Han Moon-cheol Black Box Review’ revealed the entire arrest of a large-scale insurance fraud with a whopping 2 billion won in damages alone. In JTBC’s traffic public service variety show ‘Han Moon-chul’s Black Box Review’, broadcast on the 23rd, the right turn pause amendment law, which is easy to confuse drivers, was analyzed in depth. The black box presented this day also included several right turning accidents, such as an accident where a pedestrian collided with a pedestrian when turning right despite the presence of a pedestrian at a green light at an intersection. In particular, ‘Hanvely’ went to the scene with Won Jin-hee, traffic police officer of Gwacheon Police Station, to temporarily stop the right turn. In fact, drivers did not know the fact even after breaking conditions or they did not observe the pause well. On the other hand, it shows a vehicle holding a right turn pause, and provides meaningful time by informing that a vehicle needs to pause when the traffic light is red and to pause when pedestrians pass or’ n trying to pass on the pavement.
Then, he presented a case of insurance fraud reported directly by the South Gyeonggi Police Agency, raising awareness among viewers. It was an event where 252 accidents occurred and about 2 billion won were extorted. The three main arrested criminals targeted a vehicle that changed lanes immediately while turning left, caused an accident, and then used a vicious tactic of inflating the fraudulent amount by creating fake passengers. In addition, the behavior of different insurance fraud groups was accused and crime prevention methods were introduced. The sudden acceleration accident, a type of accident that appears often, also reappears, causing anger. In the black box video released, the car runs for about 900m on the road at a maximum speed of 137km per hour, threatening the lives of the driver and passengers, shocking everyone.
The victims of the accident were a mother and daughter with broken spines and they were diagnosed at 12 and 14 weeks, respectively. In particular, the child, who was a passenger, complained of regret by telling the story of the frustration of the realtor exam that he had been preparing for 8 months at the time.
Through this accident, Attorney Han Moon-cheol notified the victims of the sudden rash by announcing the proposal of the ‘Product Liability Law Amendment Bill’, which he had recently consulted.
The amendment mentioned is a bill that requires not only the victim but also the car manufacturer to prove responsibility for the accident in the event of a sudden acceleration accident, and many spectators who hoped to’ approved the amendment passed their support. Meanwhile, ‘Han Moon-cheol’s Black Box Review’ is broadcast every Thursday at 8:50pm.
Reporter Cha Hye-young, Ten Asia

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