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2 bottles of fevicol on Ronaldo’s table | Euro cup

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MUNICH: Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo removes Coca-Cola bottles during a news conference and replaces Frenchman Paul Pogba Cristiano with a beer bottle at a news conference. With the fall in market value, the Coal Company had to issue a statement on the matter.

The favicol company has used this situation in the Euro Cup very interestingly. The company has used the Euro cola controversy on social media. Fevicol has edited and added two new bottles of Fevicol to the same table where Cristiano replaced the Cola bottles during the Euro Cup. Then there’s the funny phrase ‘the boat can’t be changed, the value can’t be devalued’. Fevicol posted the ad on Twitter on Thursday evening. The number of people who liked the tweet crossed 31,000 by Friday evening.

Many praised the company’s marketing prowess. Cristiano Ronaldo removes Coca-Cola bottles from Portugal during a press conference on Monday ahead of the Euro Cup match against Hungary. Shortly afterwards, the market value of Coca-Cola plummeted to US $ 4 billion (approximately Rs. 29,335 crore), a major setback for the company, the main sponsor of the Euro Cup. Coca-Cola released a press release on the incident in which Cristiano removed bottles of cola.

“Everyone has their own tastes and tastes …” the press release said. Meanwhile, the Cristiano model Coca-Cola ad went viral in 2006. A section of the public is of the opinion that it was a double standard to act in an advertisement for Cola when he was not a star and to deny it after becoming a star.

English Summary: Fevicol Had The Best Take On The Cristiano Ronaldo-Coca Cola Controversy


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