2 crore for diamond; American Malayalam check payment information on the official website

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ∙ The Lok Kerala Sabha Regional Conference in New York attended by the Prime Minister has not only received a gold sponsorship of one lakh dollars, but also a diamond sponsorship of two and a half lakh dollars – about 2.06 crore Indian rupees!

The official website of the church has shared the news and photo of Babu Stephen, an American Malayali, handing over a check of 2.5 lakh dollars to the organizing committee as the diamond sponsor of the regional conference.

The government’s argument is that the conference is being held locally through the sponsorship of the organizing committee in order to avoid spending money from the national treasury. However, the travel expenses of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Speaker AN Shamseer, Minister KN Balagopal and officials accompanying the Chief Minister are borne by the government.

The Prime Minister and his team will stay in the United States for 3 days, but the officials who leave early to coordinate will be there for more days. Lok Kerala Sabha Secretariat Director K. Vasuki spends 10 days. The expenditure comes from the church’s plan fund.

NORCA Vice Chairman P. Sriramakrishnan, CEO Harikrishnan Namboothiri and General Manager Ajith Kolassery will be in the US for 9 days. Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the Norca Roots Fund.

The 4 officials who are part of the government will arrive in the United States a week before when they say that the event is organized by the organizing committee in New York and they receive funding for that .

Last year the regional conference held in the UK was also organized by forming a local organizing committee and collecting money. The income and expenditure figures for the conference held in October have not been revealed even after 7 months.

English Summary: Diamond sponsorship also for Loka Kerala Sabha Newyork zone conference


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