2 dead after the kidnapping, chase police in Missouri, Illinois

The authorities of Wednesday said that a girlfriend and her 10-year-old daughter was killed, killing a man when he wanted to kill a carjacking after he had passed through Missouri and Illinois.

The chase began Tuesday afternoon in the City of Jefferson, Missouri, and eventually completed three hours later in Greenville, Illinois, after using the Sheriff deputies to block the coins on the Leslie Austin SUV, which gives the girlfriend and the baby an opportunity to escape. The Authorities said that Austin, 39, turned during and after the chase, but still does not know he got himself or killed and killed through law enforcement.

A 33-year-old girlfriend, Danielle Smith, was shot and wound up several times, and the hospital is in a critical position, the United States Police released a news release. The daughter was not hurt.

Jefferson City Police, David Williams, said the girl had a restricted order against Austin.

Little information was given about the circumstances of the abduction. Officials responding to gunfire reports in the Jefferson City car park about 7:40 p.m. Shells and broken glass were found, Williams said. Witnesses told 911 that they saw the SUV rise away after the release was released.

Not being aware of the abduction, he looked against the Highway Highway Missouri Patrols in the Union, about 75 miles (120 kilometers) away, to stop Austin's contravention of registration about 9 p.m., Patrol Cpl . Justin Wheatley said. Austin took it and flows it through stop lights. The patrol asked for the popularity, Wheatley said.

County Franklin deputy Sheriff reiterated after pursuing the vehicle, Wheatley said.

Patrol troops again resumed with Austin about 25 miles (40km) on Interstate 44 in the western suburbs of St Louis de Eureka. They followed him until he crossed a bridge into Illinois, where the Police of Illinois Police Tróps took up the chase, said Wheatley.

At about 10:30 p.m., the County Bond Sheriff deputies stopped stopping at Illinois 140 near Greenville, and the girl and the baby were able to escape from the slippery SUV, Illinois State Police told news release.

In addition, Austin demanded car from Gregory Price, shooting and killing the 67-year-old man from Florissant, Missouri. Austin seems to have decided against the construction of a price car and failed to try the second carjack vehicle, and then chose to continue its damage SUV, state police said.

He eventually eliminated the vehicle and shot and shot in a shootout, although police said it was not clear if an officer or gun was shot himself.

Austin has been convicted of Missouri due to theft of misconduct, domestic assault, disruption of motor vehicle and attachment to any arrest.


Reporter Associated Press, Corey Williams in Detroit added this report.

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