2 famous dramas on Channel One31 Break the awards from the Global Star Media Awards

These are the 2 dramas that received the best response during the first half of Channel One31 for time of cupid With Tri Pharaphat and Fern Nopjira, incl underground Starring Tor Thanapob and Kwan Nattaya, the two recently won several awards from the Global Star Media Awards2022 as follows:

Best TV Station of the Year Award

Actors from Channel One received the award instead.
(Kwan Song/Tri/Fern)

Award for Best Original Song of the Year, Song ‘Time’ from the play Time Cupid

Aam Atchariya (Written Song)

Most Popular Female Actor of the Year Award

Kwan Nattaya (Tai La)

New Star Couple of the Year Award

Three Pharaphat and Fern Nopjira
(From the play Cupid’s Time)

Best Actor of the Year Award

Tor Thanapob (Tai La)

Best Drama of the Year Award

Tai La (representative of Tor-Plengkwan)

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