2 more centers for issuing Haya card soon Sidelights World Cup Qatar

Doha ∙ 2 centers to open soon for the distribution of HAYA cards to FIFA World Cup ticket holders.

Haya Cards allow ticket holders to enter the country and stadiums. Haya Card Centers will be opened at the Ali Bin Hamad Al Atiyah Arena and the Doha Convention and Exhibition Center in Westbay, said Saeed Ali Al Quwari, Executive Director of the Haya Card Division of the Supreme Committee for Supply and Legacy, the regional organizer of The World Cup.

Digital HAYA cards are available to ticket holders. However, those who need printed materials can visit these centers and purchase them directly. If you lose your card for any reason, you can get a new card from here for free. A Haya card is mandatory for those who have purchased match tickets. It is also an entry visa for foreign visitors to the country. Qatar resident ticket holders will need a Haya Card to enter the stadiums. The Haya Card is compulsory for ticket holders. Awareness of this is active. Those who have applied for Haya cards after purchasing match tickets will receive an entry visa email from October 1.

Webinar for more information

Doha ∙ Comprehensive information about the Haya Card for World Cup spectators will also be known through the webinar. Those who have the competition ticket can participate in the webinar Haya’s training team from the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy will be holding webinars on October 20, 4, 11, 18 and 27 of this month.

Find out about Haya Card benefits, the registration process and alternative accommodation options.

For the avoidance of doubt Things apart

Doha ∙ Special booths are set up in centers for inquiries and clearing of doubts.

This was announced by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the regional organizers of the World Cup. The booths are opened in the country’s main shopping centers such as Mall of Qatar and Doha Festival City. The booths are open until 7pm.

Haya cards are a mandatory condition for entry into the country and stadiums for World Cup ticket holders. Haya Card holders will enjoy benefits including free travel on Doha Metro and Karwa buses during the Qatar World Cup.

English summary : Two centers will be opened for distribution of Haya card

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