2 phone apps will reduce anxiety

Due to the thought of exams or the pressure of office work, many worries often sit in the head. That’s why you have to forget to eat and sleep and stay immersed in studies or office projects. Many people look for different ways to keep themselves relaxed during such times.

Because during exams or high workload, it is important to keep yourself calm and relaxed. Some smartphone apps can reduce your stress. The apps can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

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There are some fun game apps that will reduce your stress. Keep your mind and head calm. Relax some time between work with games. Check out these 2 apps-

Put them in right
This mobile app is a lumos game. In the game you have to organize everything. That is, everything will be scattered in a room and you will have to keep everything organized. It also has different modes, ‘Relax’ mode to do simple tasks. There are some puzzles to solve in ‘usedom’ mode. You can choose a mode according to your needs. Another element in the game is a cat. Which will love you like a pet. You can even take care of him like a house cat in the game. If you do these house cleaning tasks for a while, you will see that the anxiety has reduced a little.

Busywelded Classic
It is a match three game. Where three or more matching tiles have to be aligned horizontally or vertically. The game also has a ‘gen’ mode where you can customize the sounds to your liking.

There are several other such apps. Like- Color Swatch, Coloring Luna-Coloring Book, Liverybox etc. You can listen to audio books on them. Playing with colors will calm your mind.

Source: Deccan Herald


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