2 Shane letters out; Debate

Kochi ∙ While film organizations have announced that they are not cooperating with actors Shane Nigam and Srinath Bhasi, two letters from Shane Nigam have come out as a new controversy. The e-mail message Shane sent to producer Sophia Paul and the letter he sent to the Amma star organization denying the allegations against him have come out.

In the letter sent to the producer, Sophia Paul, Shane has asked that, although he is the main character of the RDX film, he is not given enough importance and that he should be given priority in marketing and promotional programmes. It was on the basis of this letter that the producers’ association decided not to cooperate with Shane.

In the producer’s complaint, it was alleged that Shane was constantly causing problems and because of this, there was embarrassment and financial loss. Shane then sent a letter to ‘mother’ arguing that the allegations against him were unfounded. In a letter to his mother, Shane says that the caravan on the set of Sophia Paul was dirty and that he had a cockroach in his ear that was bleeding.

Relevant parts of Shane’s letter to Sophia Paul: “At the time of signing the contract, I was told that Robert is the main character in RDX, which I play. But during the shooting, my character is not given enough importance. I have concerns about this. It would be better to explain as they could damage my personal and professional life. When the trailer and poster of the film are released, the character I am playing should be presented in such a way that the audience feels that he is the hero. Equal importance should be given to the final cut of the film.

At the same time, he wrote a letter to ‘Amma’, denying the allegations and accusing her of having to face problems on the sets of Sophia Paul. From the letter: When RDX read the script, he said he was not interested in the movie ‘Sharing’ and would not act. However, he was ready to act because the director and producer assured him that the story was written after seeing Shane and that Robert was the main character. However, once the shooting started, there were doubts about it. When asked, the director said he could see the edited part of the shot.

The claim of asking for more money is also false. When RDX got delayed, another film I was supposed to act in also got delayed. The purchase had to be returned in advance. That is why my mother demanded more money from the manufacturer of RDX. However, it was offensive. On the day I had a migraine, I was told I would be late for the shoot. But when the producer’s husband spoke to my mother disrespectfully and told her she was lying about having migraines, my mother also reacted emotionally. We regret.” The letter says.

English Summary: Shane Nigam’s letter to producer sophia paul and AMMA out