2 snakes inside the house; The owner set fire to a house worth Rs 13 crore to chase away the snake

We often hear the proverb of burning down a house for fear of rats, but we do not hear much about those who set the house on fire. But such an event is coming out of America. But the only thing that set the house on fire here was not the fear of rats. The owner set the whole house on fire while trying to chase away the snakes that had entered the house.

The incident took place in Montgomery County, Maryland. Inside the house, a snake accidentally ignited a fire while trying to chase it away. Seeing the snakes climbing, the owner tried to handle things on his own without seeking the help of the snake catchers. He was smoking with coal, thinking that the snakes would go down if he filled the house with smoke. But he suddenly tried to smoke near some flammable object. With this the fire spread to them and burned the whole house.

The owner was reluctant to call the snake catchers and eventually had to call fire officials anyway. But by the time they got to the place, the house had been badly damaged. Scenes of fires spreading inside the house have been circulating on social media. The damage to the house is estimated to be more than Rs 7.5 crore. But luckily there were no crowds. In the meantime, it is not clear what happened to the snakes that entered the house. Officials believe they may have crawled out as the fire and smoke spread.

Authorities have warned that if snakes enter the house, they should not be handled on their own and should inform experts. In addition to damaging property, untrained people are more likely to be attacked and injured if they try to chase them away.

English Summary: Man Burns Down $1.8 Million Home While Trying To Get Rid Of Snakes



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