2 Thai league teams work hard AFC Champions League 2022 play-off match results revealed

On January 13, 65, “Thunder Castle” Buriram United and “Sing Chao Tha” Port FC 2, the famous club of the “Revo Thai League” battle, have to work hard with the results of the play-off round in the battle. “AFC Champions League 2022” by Masatada Ishii’s team will have to visit Daegu FC, the famous K-League team. South Korea’s top league

While the team of “Coach Oud” Sarawut Tripan faced an equally difficult task when he had to lead the team to duel Ulsan Hyundai, another team from the K-League battle. South Korea’s top league by both teams representing Thailand Will enter the field on Tuesday, March 15th.

As for “The Rabbit”, BG Pathum United won the league title last season and “Kuangsong Mahaphai” Leo Chiang Rai United, the owner of the Chang FA Cup, will automatically wait for the players in the group stage during April 15th to May 1st.


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