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2 Thai racers leading the big version of the Jet Ski World Cup World Series 2020-21

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Today (24 Apr) Two-in-one World Jet Ski Championships decide two championships for the highest prize money in the world. “Jet Ski World Cup World Series 2020-21” in Pattaya, Thailand between 21-25 April is a closed competition. Entering the competition on the 4th on 24 April is a competition in the professional version. With world class racers to win the world’s highest prize money in the 2 Moto of the 4 Moto races

4 large pro models Starting with the Professional Jet Ski Grand Prix (Pro Ski GrandPrix), the winner will receive a total of two prizes of up to $ 2.4 million and is the competition of the former world champion rider by J. Remi Poret, French 3-time world champion, and the latest 2019 World Series champion Quentin van Den Bosch from Belgium.

In Moto first, Quentin van den Bosch got better, led early and left before the finish line was No. 1, stocked 60 points, Mogan Poret was second in 53 points, while Jere Miporet, poor performance, entered 3rd place, received 48 points, with the best ranking of Thai drivers, Nanthawat Singaurai, Thailand’s champion, entered 5th place.

In two games, still came out in the same image that van den Bosch did not miss out on the win, there was Mogan Poret, who overtook his brother Jeremy in second place, making at the end of the first 2 Moto, Van Den Bosch kept 120. Mogan Poret full score of 106 and Jeremy Poret 96

The Pro Sport GP (Pro Sport GP) has Supak finished the business, a 4-time world champion, Thai nationals, and although the first Moto is not doing well. But also chased the rivals until the first place, where the rivals such as Joichiro Katano, the Japanese driver who did not go well as well, but still overtook the second place with Pianrat Srikongrak, ranked third.

Moto 2, a challenger like Katano, tried to chase Supak harder than he missed in the final lap, the boat stumbled, Supak took first place comfortably, and Anon Hong Klang continued to overtake Katano into second place, making the Japanese race third. Total points 2 Moto Supak 120 full points followed by Catano 101 points 3rd place Anon and Pierrat 91 points are the same
The jet ski version sits 1,100 cc Open (Pro Runabout 1100 Open) has added Phonthiraphatpanich, the former champion and World Series champion, and the Thai racers did not disappoint in the first Moto. Going out in the lead from the first round until the finish line is number 1, with Thaphatthawat Josonanuson as number 2 and Thira finished third.

But in the 2-star Moto, the Thai national team like Thaphatthawat Hattawut took the lead and added people, unable to catch up with this Moto, Thaphatthana was the number 1, added the 2nd and 3rd, Sermsuwan book. Making this championship win more close, Thapatawat and Permpol have 113 equal points, followed by Book and Thira, 91 equal points.

The world’s strongest giant model, the fastest and fastest in the world, Jet Ski ride GP (Pro Runabout GP) that the champion will receive a total prize money of 2.4 million baht. The first Moto was on the Japanese side, doing better than Jun I Coma, leading before the ship, but still Hajime Isahai took the first place, but Thai racers still have a chance to win at Sorwit Phasuk. 2 and increased Phon Theeraphat Panich to the 3rd

This version of the game flips in Moto 2 after Isahai takes first place, with Jun I Coma chasing it before the unexpected happens.Isahai’s ship is so broken that it has to exit the race, prompting Ika. 1st place followed by Add Phon and Sorawit, resulting in a total score of 2 Moto, becoming 2 Thai drivers who lead 101 points equal, followed by Hajime Isahai 90 points and Juni Coma 87 points.


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