2-year-old son falls into a well, father rushes to help, lost couple, fate is unknown

A 2-year-old ran into a pond, and his father rushed down to help him. Still can’t find it now Officers found little oxygen, deep wells, had to adjust the plan to search for bodies, the owner revealed, hired to adjust the area Bring your child with you every day.

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On January 25, 2022, the Khian Sa Police Station Surat Thani Province received a report of a child falling into a well, and his father went to help before both of them drowned. At Ban Huai Lek Fai, Village No. 6, therefore, went to check and coordinated with the Foundation staff to help this father-son duo urgently. Initially, it was found that the drowning boy was only 2 years old, and his father went down to help. But still no one was found.

The investigation revealed that the well was 11 meters deep, and the water was 5 meters deep. When checking the oxygen content, it was found that only 4 meters, and tools had to be deployed to extract the two bodies. by canceling sending officers down because it will not be safe

The owner of the accident scene said The father had been hired to adjust the area, pour the cement to make a field for buying palm oil 3 days ago, and every time he brought his son with him. As for the well, it was an old well excavated for more than 20 years while adjusting the work area. The way children run and play like a child fell into the well When someone said that the child The father’s way went down inside the well. The workers therefore immediately notified the support staff. But now the bodies of the two have not yet been found.

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