20-year-old arrested for taking her to an elementary school motel on Christmas and raping her

A 20-year-old man who summoned an elementary school student last Christmas and took him to an unmanned motel for forcibly sexually assaulted them was arrested.

According to the Gangwon Police Agency on the 21st, the Yeongwol branch of the Chuncheon District Law issued an arrest warrant for A (25), who is accused of sexual assault and similar sexual acts with minors under the age of 13 under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act.

A, who is working as a ski instructor near a ski resort in Gangwon Province, is accused of taking Miss B, a 6th grader of elementary school, to an unmanned motel on December 25 last year, soliciting prostitution, and threatening Miss B who refuses to do so.

After she informed her acquaintance of the damage, an anonymous report was received by the police, and the police who started the investigation recently arrested Mr. A. However, the prosecution failed to secure new recruits by disapproving the case, judging that it was not urgent.

At that time, the prosecution disapproved of the emergency arrest considering that there was no statement from Miss B and Mr. A went to the police and actively denied the charges. Prosecutors are said to have asked the police to apply for an arrest warrant if necessary in the future and to take certain measures to protect the victim.

Prior to the arrest, Mr. A was consistent in answering questions from reporters about whether to admit the charges or not before attending the interrogation of the suspect. Victim B was so shocked that she couldn’t even get out of the house, and it was reported that she went to and from Seoul to receive psychiatric treatment.

Reporter Yoo-kyung Jo, [email protected]



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