200 million per episode… Song Hye-kyo and Jeon Ji-hyun took 3.2 billion won each this fall

Actress Song Hye-kyo (left) and Jeon Ji-hyun. © News1

It has been reported that actress Song Hye-kyo and Jeon Ji-hyun have recorded 200 million won for each drama episode. This is known to be the highest level among female actors in the industry, attracting attention.

According to the Hankook Ilbo on the 30th, Song Hye-kyo and Jeon Ji-hyun, who are currently active in the small screen, are paying more than 200 million won per episode. First of all, Song Hye-kyo is playing the role of Ha Young-eun, the design team leader in the SBS drama ‘Now, we are breaking up’, and Jeon Ji-hyun is playing the role of Seo Yi-gang, the best ranger in Jirisan National Park in the tvN drama ‘Jirisan’.

Since both dramas are 16 episodes, it is estimated that Song Hye-kyo and Jeon Ji-hyun receive a total of 3.2 billion won from their appearances.

Previously, in the case of Song Hye-kyo, she received more than 100 million won per episode in the tvN drama ‘Boyfriend’, which aired in 2018. It is analyzed that this was also greatly influenced by the previous work, KBS2 ‘Descendants of the Sun’, which rewritten the history of Hallyu dramas.

Jeon Ji-hyun also received an appearance fee of 100 million won per episode when she appeared in the SBS drama ‘My Love from the Star’, which aired in 2013 and became very popular. Since then, it is said that he received more than 100 million won per episode in SBS ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ in 2016. Based on the high performance fee of the previous work, the ransom price has nearly doubled in this new work.

(From left) Actors Lee Young-ae, Son Ye-jin, and Ko Hyun-jung. © News1

In addition to Song Hye-kyo and Jeon Ji-hyun, the actress who boasts a high ransom is Lee Young-ae, the media reported. When Lee Young-ae appeared in ‘Saimdang’s Diary of Light’ four years ago, the cost per episode exceeded 100 million won. In addition, it is known that Son Ye-jin and Go Hyun-jeong receive more than 100 million won per episode.

On the other hand, officials explain that even with similar recognition and weight, top male actors are paid up to twice as much. Kim Soo-hyun, who is currently known as the actor who receives the most appearances in Korea, is known to receive more than 500 million won per episode for appearing on Coupang Play’s ‘One Day’.

Meanwhile, in KBS2’s ‘Year-round Live’, which aired in September, ‘Best Ransom Star’ was selected, and as a result, Jun Ji-hyun ranked first. Jeon Ji-hyun, who is famous for ‘advertising queen’, worked as a model for longevity in △food, △clothing, △jewelry, and △shampoo. Accordingly, Jeon Ji-hyun’s expected profit this year is about 15 billion won.

Kim Soo-hyun came in second place with 13 billion won, and Song Hye-kyo came in eighth place because it was estimated that she earned more than 4 billion won this year alone with an advertising model fee of 900 million won per year.

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