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200 million won in Ahn Hee-young… the story of being trapped in a freezer for the 10th year

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Last year, when the fact that the body of a Ui-gyeong was enshrined in a hospital for 10 years became controversial, the police announced that they would proceed with the National Cemetery’s saddle after being dismissed, but it was confirmed that the situation has not changed after four months. The police said they couldn’t help it because the bereaved side couldn’t reach them.

According to the police on the 10th, the Incheon Police Agency decided on the death of a 20-year-old Uigyeong A, who died in 2010 through a judging committee for major construction awards in September last year. Mr. A died of an extreme choice while working at the Namdong Police Station in Incheon. It has been three months since I started serving in the military as Uikyung. At the time, the police concluded that’Mr. A made an extreme choice due to depression’, but the bereaved side said,’There was a harsh act. I can’t believe the police investigation,’ and asked for reinvestigation and compensation for damages. A’s body remained in the body house of Gil Hospital, Incheon, as the bereaved side announced that they would not perform the funeral until the case was identified.

Ten years have passed since there was no progress in identifying the case, and in January of last year, the fact that Mr. A’s body has been in the hospital for ten years became controversial. Earlier last year, Mr. A’s parents requested a re-investigation of Mr. A’s death to the President’s Military Net Accident Investigation Committee (Fact-Investigation Committee). The fact-finding committee, which started the investigation, secured a statement that Mr. A had been subjected to harsh acts from his colleagues at the time.

The fact-finding committee sent an official letter to the National Police Agency last month requesting that Mr. A be reexamined for his death. Afterwards, the case seemed to be settled when the police dismissed Mr. A. At the time, the police said, “I informed the bereaved family about the decision to die,” and said, “We plan to actively support the funeral, such as guiding the application process for the saddle of the precinct.”

However, it has been confirmed that the situation has not changed after 4 months. The police explained, “We have to proceed face-to-face with the surviving family, but the surviving family asked for a little wait because of circumstances, so we haven’t been able to talk about the procedure yet.”

In particular, while the procedure was sluggish, the body has been left in a cold freezer for 11 years. Only unpaid body eye treatment costs over 200 million won. A hospital official said, “In consideration of Mr. A’s unfortunate circumstances, there is a willingness to discuss the eye treatment problem prospectively if the bereaved side wants,” he said. “I have to meet the bereaved family for consultation, but the contact itself is difficult,” he said.

Currently, it is virtually impossible to place Mr. A’s body in the memorial hall without a bereaved family. Mr. A’s body was delivered in a freezer for a long time in a semi-mummy condition. An official from the prefecture said, “In the case of unrelated people, saddles are made with the cooperation of the police and the Veterans Affairs Office, but if there is a family, there is no way if the bereaved family does not apply.”

Reporter Dayoung Kim [email protected]

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