2019, a year of musical commemoration

Rich vintage than this new year for classical music. If, in 2018, music lovers have commemorated Claude Debussy, in 2019, they will celebrate Berlioz and Offenbach.

Just browse the net to find the complete list of 2019 anniversaries in the arts and, among them, the commemorations of classical composers, born or deceased in a "9" year. Selection of some dates to remember …

► March 8, 150e anniversary of the death of Hector Berlioz

The tumultuous and prodigious author of the Fantastic symphony, from The Damnation of Faust and trojans has a strange relationship with France, which often admires her more than she likes him. Unlike the Anglo-Saxon countries who celebrate it with fervor. We can hope that this commemorative year, rich in many events, will do justice to the visionary composer, orchestrator unheard, inventor lightning as singular as ambitious, like his idol William Shakespeare. We will also rediscover the great writer with the lyrical pen or assassin, the convinced European, the fiery and unhappy lover … In a word, the romantic.

► April 5th: 150e birthday of the birth of Albert Roussel

Marin until 1902, when he was reformed for health reasons, the author of Feast of the spider and of Padmâvatî seems today well neglected by the general public. The shadows of Berlioz and Offenbach risk making us forget that Roussel was born 150 years ago and that his work deserves to be rediscovered. By its formal diversity, from ballet to symphony or chamber music, and more, by its very personal character where the sonorous refinement, the harmonic research and dashes of daring surprise the ear without brutalizing it. His melodies, where piano and voice are equal, as his music for flute particularly reflect a very seductive inspiration.

► 20th of June: 200e anniversary of the birth of Jacques Offenbach

Prince of the operetta, incarnation of joy and humor in music, ironic singer of a Second Empire eager for feast and light … Jacques Offenbach, unlike Berlioz, is unanimous in his favor and the happiness of theaters, especially at the end of year festivities. But 2019 will not have too much of its 365 days to honor the composer of Parisian life and of The beautiful Helen. An opportunity especially to get acquainted with less known works or to lend an ear to his work for cello, instrument of which he was able to make singing the deep voice, sometimes with verve, sometimes with tenderness.

► September 13th: 200e anniversary of the birth of Clara Schumann

Great love, muse and support from her husband Robert, Clara Schumann was also an exceptional pianist – welcomed by her contemporaries – who brought the music of her brilliant concert hall husband to a concert hall throughout Europe. She sacrificed her vocation as a composer even if a few dozen pieces, mainly for the piano, have come down to us, testifying to a subtle talent. The 200e anniversary of his birth will also recall that the nineteenthe The century was that of remarkable creators, such as Fanny Mendelssohn (sister of Felix) but also Cécile Chaminade which will celebrate the 75 years of death on April 15 …

► November 14th: 300e anniversary of the birth of Leopold Mozart

If Clara Schumann is best known as "woman of", Leopold Mozart is best known as "father of" … He who was an educator, a counselor, a privileged correspondent – as evidenced by so many letters exchanged with her son – of Wolfgang Amadeus, had many strings to his bow. Author of a popular method for learning the violin, skilled composer, Leopold, perfect man of his century, had studied law and theology, was passionate about new ideas and science.

Emmanuelle Giuliani


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