2019 NCAA women's basketball competition: Bracket, schedule, scores for 16 Sweet Friday games

The NCAA 2019 Sweet 16 women's basketball competition begins today, Friday, 29 March. Below you can find the track, the schedule, the scores and the information about TV channels.

UCU UCLA plays in the first of four Sweet 16 games Friday. The second half of the Sweet 16 games will take place Saturday, and the Eight Elite begins Sunday.

How are NCAA women's basketball tournament teams selected?

There are 64 teams in the one-off competition. Of these, 32 automatically qualify as a conference curve by winning conferencing competitions. The Ladies Division Ladies Basketball Championship Sports Committee will select the remainder as large teams.

NCAA Competition: 5 bring shops from bracket

The committee announced its best teams 16 times earlier this season: February 11 and March 4, however. In town on March 4, seeds were no. 1 are Baylor, Louisville, Notre Dame and UConn.

When exposing the bracket, Baylor, Louisville, Notre Dame and Mississippi received State No seeds. UConn fell to seed No. 2.

NCAA Women's Basketball Competition: Automatic Qualifiers

East America: Maine (25-7); Ref. 14 seed

American Athletic Conference: t UConn (31-2); Ref. 2 seed

Atlantic 10: Fordham (25-8); Ref. 14 seed

ACC: Notre Dame (30-3); Ref. 1 seed

Atlantic sun: Gulf Coast Florida (28-4); Ref. 13 seed

12 Major: Baylor (31-1); Ref. 1 seed

Great East: DePaul (26-7); Ref. 6 seed

Great Sky: Portland State (25-7); Ref. 15 seed

Southern South: Radford (26-6); Ref. 14 seed

Big Ten: Iowa (26-6); Ref. 2 seed

The Great West: UC Davis (24-6); Ref. 15 seed

CAA: Towson (20-12); Ref. 15 seed

United States Conference: t Rice (28-3); Ref. 12 seed

Horizon Treaty: t Wright State (27-6); Ref. 13 seed

Ivy League: Princeton (22-9); Ref. 11 seed

MAAAC: Quinnipiac (26-6); Ref. 11 seed

MAC: Buffalo (23-9); Ref. 10 seed

MEAC: Bethune-Cookman (21-10); Ref. 16 seed

Missouri Valley Conference: t Missouri State (22-9); Ref. 11 seed

Western Mountain Conference: State Boise (28-4); Ref. 13 seed

Northeast Conference: t Robert Morris (22-10); Ref. 16 seed

Ohio Valley Conference: t Belmont (26-6); Ref. 13 seed

Pac-12: Stanford (28-4); Ref. 2 seed

Country Groups Series: Bucknell (28-5); Ref. 12 seed

SEC: Mississippi State (30-2); Ref. 1 seed

Southern Conference: Mercer (25-7); Ref. 15 seed

Southland Conference: t Abilene Christian (23-9); Ref. 16 seed

SWAC: South (20-12); Ref. 16 seed

Summit Series: t South Dakota State (26-6); Ref. 6 seed

Solar Belt Conference: t Little Rock (21-10); Ref. 12 seed

WCC: BYU (25-6); Ref. 7 seed

WAC: State of New Mexico (25-6); Ref. 14 seed

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