2019 NFL Draft Prospect David Sills V WR West Virginia

David Sills V 6 & 4; 210 "WR West Virginia # 15 & # 13

David Sills is an interesting player who wanted to play football since his early childhood. In fact, when he was only 12 years old, he created a YouTube video playing QB as the great Kiffin so great, who gave him a previous scholarship for the USC coach. He took a lot of media attention, and Sills started doing a right interview while preparing for a career as a famous sportsman.

The scholarship never occurred at USC because Kiffin was later dissolved, but the dream did not become a QB in David's David. He was awarded a West Virginia scholarship to play QB but did not get that opportunity as it was too big at the depths. So he had a great deal, the coaches asked him to play a WR, and with some trouble he agreed to try.

Here it's as fresh-fresh playing on the outside. Remember that Sills WR never played at any football level in a real game before this game. It is a football player series that is proud of its performance. You can see it on this play. He does not have much knowledge of how to play WR, but makes the DB behind him, and gives sweet play to get a split just before the ball arrives, and makes it nice over the shoulder catch.

This is a nice play for your veteran receiver, but Sills flows on the ball and seems to be easy. This is not an impulse or a bubble screen. It was a 35 yard on one of the sideline pattern that Sills the CB reaches on. He made enough QB enough room on the sideline to make the throw and where he had to keep the leg properly.

This play is also a new person in a tight game with less than 3 minutes to play and reduce 6 points. Sills comes out of the line hard and looks like the way of the job but sharply reduces back to the sideline, which makes it completely open when doing the CB trip on his feet.

The rest of the play is easy when it flows from the protectors after the catch and takes a red blow when it takes the ball into the final zone to tie the score. That was the only catch of the day and gave the margin to win after the extra point.

This was the last capture of Sills for about 20 months. He still wanted to play his QB shot and left West Virginia and was at El Camino Junior College for his sophomore season. He spent the year asleep for a couple of friends to do so, guessing that she wanted to play QB.

Sills goes well at JUCO level, but there would be no big college program that gives him the chance to play QB. Dana Holgorsen, the coach at West Virginia, gave his scholarship back to him if he agreed to play WR only. In the end, Sills rehabilitated, and the desire to play football rejected the song playing QB. So, in 2017, Sills returned and learned this time how to play the WR position.

Dana Holgorson said there was no player in her program working harder than David, and he showed. Now handled a new challenge, David Sills changed his career.

This first clip is from two different games and shows some of the control of the body David uses to make his catches. TD is the first against Kansas State, a big capture that shows better awareness yet to get one leg correctly.

The first time I saw the catch, I thought it was out of borders, but it can be put in some way to hit the final belt before it travels out of borders. The second catch is a pass that should be placed on the pillow back as Sills has a steam head and is much higher than the defendant. I mean how to adjust the Books smoothly to the wear. You see him look back and expect the ball to turn to the corner. The throw over the shoulder is wrong, but it's still tough to go around the catch easily.

I met three TD comments that Sills took against Baylor in one game. In fact he took 3 other TDs a week before Texas Tech, and he gave him 6 TD in two weeks. All catches are on different types of patterns, and Sills reflects different skills in each.

The first TD is the corner of the end belt wear used in the first two clips, and the QB can not get the ball on the right spot. We used to call this banner route. He is left short, and Sills must stop the defender of the ball. The second TD is the scanny job route. Sills must face the CB and get up and keep in safety. You can see that it makes a nice tight, and then pulls the ball down to protect it quickly, tackling a peak from the everlasting safety. The third TD is a simple drag pattern that Sills has 5 yards across the LOS. Then he makes the defenders and the races down on the pitch for an easy score.

The next clip is two other TDs (of the 3 TD performance against Texas Tech) and other features that they want to find on the last two circles.

This time they get it right, and you can see what Sills has the advantage of going on across the defendants into the TD. The defendant has no shot only if he can scratch the ball, but Sills gives the ball cleverly before him, from the defendant and quickly adds it to avoid the chance of the defendant by placing the ball taking place.

The second TD is just a seam way that is lofted up in the air because the QB is in a negative way. As the QB comes back during the throw, the ball hangs up in the air. Sills have to absorb peak but the ball remains in the final zone.

The last clip is a couple of TDs against Kansas where Sills must avoid some defenders and take the ball to the house. Mr is not insignificant than the most he has touched. In fact he has a serious program of gravity and can easily use his legs in a place. Here it is possible to avoid the DBs and get an extra play.

The second TD is just a confusing pattern that he is able to cope with the defendant and is void at the target line. You can see how Sills needs to fight the ball and never lose it. It keeps running but never caught. This is how a player can quickly get YAC, their ability and the yesterday's ability to tackle them.

Sills had 28 games at West Virginia with 132 receptions, 2097 yards and 35 TDs. This includes its new year when it was the last 4 games and had 7 receptions.

Sills is a tough, smooth way to football qualities yesterday and want to end up competing. Many Cooper Kupp reminds me, but it's not near that level yet. Sills will have a concentration drop, and its understanding of a roadbird is at a crucial level. Remember that Sills only played in 26 football matches as a WR in his life; He was always a QB before. It gives him a QB attitude to what a receiver should do to open and understand spaces and windows.

He is still working on, and will work long and hard with his WR coach in the NFL as he always was a hard worker. I'm expecting great things from Sills, probably not only, but I think it will be a Cooper Kupp type player at its 3rd year as long as it is an offense that meets its talents.

I would like to see how Sills tested at the Combination and its day work. It may be falling down if it runs slowly and has a bad SPARQ score. That's good because this means we can pick it up later in the draft. I currently have a low 2nd grade grade that will be changed slightly after doing all the tests.

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