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‘2020 MAMA’, comprehensive coverage of cutting-edge technology and top artists

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[이데일리 스타in 윤기백 기자] The global music awards ceremony ‘2020 MAMA’ (2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards) hosted by CJ ENM ended amid the enthusiasm of music fans around the world, across regions and cultures.

‘2020 MAMA’, which was held as the first non-face-to-face event, marked a new page in the history of MAMA with the combination of a stage scale of a record level, advanced performance technology, and amazing performances of artists. Although the fans could not directly visit the site, it was enough to make it meaningful as a music festival enjoyed by the whole world beyond time and space. As the main concept of this year’s MAMA is’NEW-TOPIA’, which means a new world to meet with music, it is evaluated that it has created a venue for artists and fans to communicate and enjoy music together.

2020 MAMA (Photo = CJ ENM)

‘2020 MAMA’ with music fans around the world

‘2020 MAMA’, which started at 6 pm on the 6th, was broadcast live simultaneously on Mnet and Olive in Korea, and channels and platforms in Asian regions such as Mnet Japan and tvN Asia, as well as YouTube’Mnet K-POP’ and’KCON official’ channels It was broadcast live to more than 200 regions around the world.

During the MAMA, it ranked first in the world in real-time trends on Twitter, and swept the number one in real-time trends in 68 global regions including the United States, Japan, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Thailand. The total cumulative vote, including real-time votes during the main ceremony, has accumulated a whopping 530 million. Despite the awards ceremony held in Korea, it is an unusual event that the hot interest of fans from all over the world moved several continents simultaneously.

‘2020 MAMA’ is an evaluation that reached the peak of the Mnet stage production. Since the offline awards ceremony was not simply converted to a non-face-to-face type, it was a non-face-to-face performance, so various attempts were made. With advanced technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality) and XR (Expanded Reality), the stage is richly decorated, and it is a great way to global fans with the introduction of various cutting-edge technologies, such as Volumetric, a new technology that applies 3D images based on real-life images. It gave something to see. In particular, in this MAMA, specialized graphics were applied to each artist’s performance, drawing attention. In various places, different concepts and technologies were used in a unique stage. To this end, it has improved its completeness by mobilizing 7 AR cameras, the largest ever.

The’Life Goes On’ stage of the 7-member full-body BTS, which realized Suga who was absent due to shoulder surgery recovery with volumetric technology, Twice, which showed an unprecedented stage in the virtual stage of XR Studio, and a robot arm and laser system. There were performances that couldn’t take your eyes off such as Treasure, who showed off a new performance by combining.

2020 MAMA (Photo = CJ ENM)

From global stars to newly debuted rookies

As MAMA has always visited fans with the best artist lineup, this ‘2020 MAMA’ also became a hot topic from the announcement of the artists’ appearance. The lineup of super-luxurious artists on the stage yesterday clearly demonstrated its status as the best music awards ceremony. GOT7, JO1, NCT, The Boys, Mamamoo, Monsta X, BTS, BoA, Seventeen, Stray Kids, IZone, ATEEZ, N Hyphen, (Girl) Idle, Oh My Girl, Jessie, Cravity, Taemin, Tomorrow Artists who are loved by both domestic and global fans, including By Together, Treasure, and Twice, responded to the support of fans with the best stage.

Also, the special stage that can only be seen in MAMA caught the eyes and ears of fans. A special stage prepared by junior female artists for BoA’s 20th anniversary, a’Kang’ collaboration stage with the best girl crush duo Jesse and Hwasa, and a performance by Monsta X and Cravity, who are seniors and juniors from the same agency. Entertained the fans.

On the other hand, BTS once again imprinted that they were the best artists of 2020 by sweeping grand prizes in all categories such as’Singer of the Year’,’Song of the Year’,’Album of the Year’, and’Worldwide Icon of the Year’. Made it. BTS said, “MAMA was the only award ceremony that was not invited when it debuted. It was an awards ceremony that I wanted to come so much and envied, but I am impressed with such big awards in succession. “Sometimes, like’Dynamite’, sometimes I will make music and perform calmly like the guitar melody of’Life Go’s On’. Thank you for giving me so much love.”

Song Joong-gi, who is gaining great popularity not only in Korea but also throughout Asia, served as a host for the ‘2020 MAMA’ and led the awards ceremony. Top Korean actors such as Yoon Park, Lee Da-hee, Lee Do-hyeon, Lee Sang-yeop, Lee Sun-bin, Yoo-bi Lee, Lee Jeong-jae, Lim Su-jeong, Lim Soo-hyang, Jeon Mi-do, Jeon Hye-jin, Jung Kyung-ho, Jeong Moon-seong, Joo-jae, Choi Soo-young, and Hwang In-yeop were the winners of the global music festival.

2020 MAMA (Photo = CJ ENM)

MAMA drives the growth of the Asian music industry

MAMA has been holding awards in the Asian music category since 2010 to expand Asian music exchange. This year, we also celebrated the achievements of artists who made outstanding performances in each region through awards in 10 categories in 5 regions including Japan, Mandarin, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and introduced various Asian artists to global fans.

It also announced the winners of the specialty category for those who have contributed to the development of the music industry in Asia. ‘Best Producer’ is Bang Si-hyuk,’Best Producer’ is PDOGG,’Best Composer’ is Yovie Widianto,’Best Engineer’ is Koo Jong-pil and Kwon Nam-woo,’Best Video Director’ is Roompence (Choi Yong-seok),’Best Choreographer’ MU:E (Mui) received the honor of the award for’Best Art Director’.

On the other hand, MAMA is a global music awards ceremony in which CJ’s commitment to cultural business and continuous efforts are intensive, starting with Mnet’s’Video Music Awards’ in 1999 and transforming into MAMA in 2009, marking its 12th year. It has built a leading image through repeated first attempts such as the first global advancement of the awards ceremony hosted by Korea, the first simultaneous holding of three Asian regions, and the first dome concert hall. Beyond the simple year-end awards ceremony, MAMA is a music festival enjoyed by people all over the world, a venue for spreading Asian popular music, and a global communication channel, and plans to continue its steps to become the best in the world.


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