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2021 Guangzhou Auto Show “Stopper”: Six major brands “Baguan” Pazhou Great Wall Motors sedan brand arrow is already on the string

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© Reuters. 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show “Followers”: the six major brands “Baguan” Pazhou Great Wall Motors brand arrow is on the line

The Financial Associated Press (Guangzhou, reporter Xu Hao), as a “shoucheng” car company with annual sales of over one million, Great Wall Motor seems to be more keen to be an “entrepreneur.” On November 19, Great Wall Motor’s Haval, WEY, Euler, Tank, Salon and Great Wall pickups all appeared in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center and released more than ten new cars.

Compared with the Guangzhou Auto Show a year ago, Great Wall Motors has added two new brands: Tank and Salon. Compared with the salon that debuted at this auto show for the first time, WEY, which was born at the Guangzhou Auto Show five years ago, has continuously improved the product matrix of the “coffee family”-latte DHT pre-sale, and launched three medium cups, large cups and super large cups. The Mocha NOH Smart Pilot Edition and Macchiato DHT-PHEV coefficient were listed at this auto show. The difference is that the former focuses on practical advanced driving assistance functions, while the latter is equipped with the Lemon Smart DHT system.

“The WEY brand now has newly launched technologies, and more products will be launched next year, including not only the’three cups of coffee’ layout of this auto show, but also retro-fashioned driving’dreams’. There will be more in the future. More product categories.” Wei CMO Qiao Xinyu revealed that WEY’s positioning will exceed the current price range of 200,000 yuan.

Under WEY are Haval, the “pillar” of Great Wall Motors, and Euler, the “upstart” of urban women. According to the information disclosed by Great Wall, the Euler Ballet cat unveiled at this Guangzhou Auto Show is expected to be launched next year; the new color matching model of Lightning Cat Smoke Amethyst is expected to start pre-sale within this year and will be put into production in the second quarter of 2022. At present, Euler’s product lineup has expanded from three products of black cat, white cat, and good cat to ballet cat, punk cat, lightning cat, good cat GT, etc., covering the A00 to B level market.

Euler’s “cats” will support a quarter of Great Wall Motor’s 2025 sales target of 4 million vehicles; the other pillar is undoubtedly joining hands with Station B, the Three Squirrels and Dunhuang Museum at the Guangzhou Auto Show to develop creativity Content and trendy products to cater to the Haval brand that young consumers prefer.

However, under the continuous roll-out of new brands by Great Wall and the superimposed chip shortage factor, the sales of Haval models in October dropped by 36.1% year-on-year, and it has fallen sharply for three consecutive months. Sales are almost cut in half.

On the one hand, Haval’s stagnation, on the other hand, is the tank’s triumphant advance. As the second largest new brand of Great Wall Motors except for the Salon, the tank is also trying to advance to a higher price range based on the success of the previous tank 300. The first model of the tank brand’s business luxury series, the Tank 500 positioned as a “trend tough SUV”, officially opened pre-sales at the Guangzhou Auto Show. A total of three versions, a business version, a sports version and a customized version, were launched, and the pre-sale price was 335,000 yuan- 395,000 yuan. At the same time, the pre-sale of the 500 Black Samurai version of the tank, which was co-created with users, was launched simultaneously. The pre-sale period is 500 units, and the pre-sale price is 365,000 yuan.

In addition to the launch of the stylish commercial pickup King Kong Cannon and the first supercar concept car of the Great Wall pickup “Cannon” at the auto show, Great Wall has as many as six brands, making it the auto company group with the most sub-brands among domestic auto companies. . But this is not the whole story of Great Wall Motors. According to people familiar with the matter, Great Wall Motor’s new sedan brand is also being planned.

“The Great Wall Car brand will be positioned higher than WEY, priced at more than 300,000 yuan, focusing on hybrid and plug-in hybrids.” The source revealed that Great Wall Motor’s current product update speed of about 8 months will give Great Wall Motors this Strong support from a car brand.

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