Home World 2021 the world’s 50 most acclaimed whiskey rankings!Riviera, Solvay Macallan failed to enter the top five

2021 the world’s 50 most acclaimed whiskey rankings!Riviera, Solvay Macallan failed to enter the top five

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2021 the world’s 50 most acclaimed whiskey rankings!Riviera, Solvay Macallan failed to enter the top five

This year’s list of the world’s most acclaimed whiskey is officially released! Selected by whisky experts and connoisseurs from 25 countries based on the price-performance ratio, quality, stability and other criteria of the brand’s series of works. What’s interesting is that the Japanese blended whiskey or the high-priced Scottish Macallan are among the top five. No, which brands are the top brands? A list of 50 complete sets is attached.

Selection of the world’s 50 most acclaimed whiskey brands

The well-known international liquor magazine “Drinks International” has just released the top 50 ranking report of the world’s most acclaimed whisky brands in 2021. The survey came from the opinions of whisky experts and connoisseurs in 25 countries, and the respondents were not related to the relevant brands. They need to list their top 10 whiskies according to the following three criteria:

  1. The quality and stability of the brand series

  2. Cost-effectiveness of branded products

  3. Intensity of brand marketing

Among them, there can be no more than 5 whiskeys of the same type. The first-ranked brand has 10 points, the second-ranked brand has 9 points, and so on. Finally, the final global ranking is determined based on the sum of the scores of each brand. Hong Kong’s crazy Japanese whiskey is certainly on the list, but it is as loud as the Japanese blended whiskey, and the Scotch whisky Macallan is not among the top five. What is the sacred top ranking? Let’s count down from the top 5!


Scotch whisky Macallan is not in the top five.

Fifth place: The Balvenie

The famous single malt whisky in Scotland, The Balvenie, seems to have not only captured the hearts of Taiwanese alcohol fans, but also has many fans around the world. Balvenie, led by chief bartender David Stewart, preserves the traditional craftsmanship of Scottish winemaking. It has unique craftsmanship in hand-turning the wheat, maintaining the distiller, and making barrels. Balvenie’s 12-year-old DoubleWood single malt whisky is more expensive than the average 12-year-old, but it is worth the price after drinking it.


The Balvenie

Fourth place: Michter’s

American whiskey Michter’s has entered the top five positions, and its popularity is quite strong. Michter’s was established in 1753 as the first whisky distillery in American history (formerly known as Shenk’s). Michter’s work uses grains grown in the United States as raw materials, and uses a copper distiller for secondary distillation, and maintains the most original flavor of the whiskey in a non-challenging manner. Some drinkers think that American bourbon is mostly choking, heavy sweet, and monotonous, but Michter’s has produced whisky with high balance, rich flavors and layers. For those who have never known American whiskey, this is a good entry level.



Third place: Lagavulin

It is not surprising that Lagavulin from Islay Island in Scotland squeezed into the top three. Her charming peat smoke, salty sea water and complex flavors are widely sought after by wine fans, and even have the reputation of “King of Islay”. Here I have to mention the constant work of the Lagavulin series-Lagavulin 16-year-old single malt whisky. The mellow Sydney barrel with peat, smoke, seaweed-like saltiness and maltose-like sweetness is very attractive. It has been in international competitions for many years. It has won numerous awards and is now one of the standing wines in the homes of many wine fans!



Second place: Redbreast

Irish whiskey Redbreast is on the list! The whisky industry is constantly observing the revival of Irish whiskey, and Redbreast is one of the leading distilleries. Robin launched its core wines after its restoration in 1991: original wines of 12 years and 12 years, 15 years and 21 years, through the Single Pot Still and its own winemaking technology to form a unique style, not only won the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) ), Jim Murray even named Redbreast 21 as the runner-up of the best whisky of the year in the Whisky Bible in 2018. There is no doubt about his strength.



First place: Yamazaki

The ultimate winner of Japanese whiskey is Yamazaki, the core brand of Suntory. As the highest-ranked whisky in this report, and the only one among the top 5, the glory of Yamazaki is the belief of Shinjiro Torii, the father of the Japanese whiskey, and the inheritance of the first whisky distillery in Japanese history. In 2015, “Whisky Bible” named Yamazaki as the best whisky in the world, and the fans all over the world are eager for it. If you want to buy it now, the speculation price in 12 years is about $1,600, and the speculation in 18 years has almost reached the level of 10,000 yuan, but everyone understands that the speculation at this price is far higher than people’s love for whiskey.


2021 the world’s 50 most acclaimed whiskey rankings!Riviera, Solvay Macallan failed to enter the top five

Photo 06p. Yamazaki

A full list of the world’s 50 most acclaimed whiskey brands (bold large)

1. Yamazaki

2. Redbreast

3. Lagavulin

4. Michter’s

5. The Balvenie

6. Ardbeg

7. Bruichladdich

8. Springbank

9. Chichibu

10. Hibiki

11. Bunnahabhain

12. Nikka

13. Johnnie Walker

14. Bowmore

15. The Macallan

16. Woodford Reserve

17. Teeling

18. Four Roses

19. Laphroaig

20. Uncle Nearest

21. Glendronach

22. Cotsworlds

23. Glenfarclas

24. Kavalan

25. Glenmorangie

26. Glen Scotia

27. Blanton’s

28. Kyro

29. Coal ila

30. Waterford

31. Aberlour

32. Hakushu

33. Yoichi

34. Talisker

35. Glenfiddich

36. Kilchoman

37. Paul John

38. Amrut

39. Aberfeldy

40. Elijah Craig

41. George Dickel

42. Maker’s Mark

43. Starward

44. Craigellachie

45. George T Stagg

46. Penderyn

47. Compass Box

48. Glenrothes

49. Auchentoshan

50. Jameson

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