’21 Ribs’ Released | 26Sep2021

Dubai : Social activist Lakshmi N. Menon released. Rama Damodaran, a retired Income Tax Officer and a senior member of Momspresso, received the first edition of the book. Jayasree John and Pavithra Unni provided leadership. This collection contains 21 short stories by 21 Malayalee women writers from all over the world. Only women worked in […]

How to 15 Methods of Contraception Welcome World Contraception Day, September 26

9. Temperature measurement to ensure birth control It is necessary to regularly measure body temperature every day. during the same period and in the same position In order to know the exact date of ovulation because in the 1-2 days after ovulation, the body temperature will rise above 0.2 degrees, which means it is safe. […]

Manchester United suffered the Premier League’s first defeat in nearly 4 games

Original title: Manchester United suffered the Premier League’s first defeat in nearly 4 games and 3 losses. The sixth round of the Premier League’s focus came to an end. Manchester United encountered Waterloo at Old Trafford and lost to the visiting Aston Villa by a score of 0-1. They had their first game in the […]

Wonder Woman Honey Lee X Lee Sang-yoon Fake Kang Mi-na noticed… Highest 164 records

‘One the Woman’ new phase preview‘Assistant Yeon-joo = fake Kang Min-a’ I noticedInstant high 16.4%, metropolitan area 13.2%, 2049 5.5% Photo courtesy of SBS ‘One the Woman’ ‘Wonder Woman’ Lee Ha-nui and Lee Sang-yoon pacified Friday night with a thrilling story that activates memories and the search for the real Kang Min-na. The 3rd episode […]

When will US interest rates rise? 10 securities firms late next year vs 8 early next year

Enter 2021.09.26 06:07 Edited 2021.09.26 06:07 Interest is focused on the timing of interest rate hikes as the US Federal Reserve (Fed/Fed) announces the start of normalization of monetary policy at the regular meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) in September. Based on the results of the FOMC meeting, domestic securities companies predicted […]

This lottery 1st place 8 people ‘3 billion each’… I saw the lucky spot

The 982th Lotto 6/45 1st place winning number. (Captured from the companion lottery website) © News1© News1 The winning numbers for the 982th lottery 6/45 1st place lottery drawn on the 25th were ‘5·7·13·20·21·44′. The 2nd place bonus number is ’33’. The first place winners who got all six winning numbers correct will receive 3,032,63 […]

[심뇌혈관질환 공범들③] ‘5 Commandments to Create Healthy Blood Vessels’

If you have high blood pressure (高血壓, Hypertension), diabetes (糖尿病, Diabetes), and hyperlipidemia (高脂血症, Hyperlipidemia), all blood vessels in the body are damaged. These are called the three major chronic diseases of Koreans, and they are nothing more than ‘diseases in one’s pain’ rather than different diseases. They adversely affect each other and, in particular, […]

Why did Woodford come back after being relegated in one day? [현장스케치]

St. Louis Cardinals right-hander Jake Woodford has been in good shape recently as a starter. Then he went to the minor leagues for a while. Of course, I didn’t go there myself. The Cardinals announced on the 26th (Korea time) that right-hander Justin Miller was placed on the injured list due to a sprained right […]