Russian Foreign Minister Belarus-Poland Border Refugee Crisis Combining Western Responsibility

Enter 2021.11.10 00:45 Edit 2021.11.10 00:45 “Western-style policy of imposing democracy in the Middle East is causing confusion”Poland “14,000 refugees in Belarus… About 5,000 people gather at the border” On the 9th (local time), Russia criticized the refugee crisis at the border between Belarus, which has close relations with Russia, and Poland, a European Union […]

Zhu Songwei dunks against Franklin with a pass to Li Tianrong-GIF_Shanghai team

2021-11-09 16:12 Source: China Basket Lens Original title: Zhu Songwei dunks against Franklin and assists Li Tianrong with a pass by Franklin-GIF On November 9, Beijing time, the 11th round of the 2021-22 CBA League regular season continued. The Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team played against the Sichuan Men’s Basketball Team. The Shanghai team established a […]

CGS-CIMB joins CIMB Thai Bank to issue 11.11% interest-bearing debentures>> CGS-CIMB Securities joins “CIMB Thai Bank” to please investors in stock, issue 6-month Equity Linked Note, based on AOT, GULF, CBG, EA, RBF holds 11.11% return per year Mr. Kasem Phanratanamala Director and Head of Research securities company CGS-CIMB (Thailand) analyzes the direction of the “SIDEWAY UP” SET Index can run to 1,700 points […]

Construction of first Hindu temple in Islamabad resumes World | Deshabhimani

Islamabad Pakistan to resume construction of first Hindu temple in Islamabad Permission to build the temple was revoked in February, citing a federal cabinet ban on the construction of new buildings in the green areas of the country’s capital. The order to give the land and build the temple was reinstated after widespread protests, including […]

The world’s best ‘Squid Game’ tops the list for the longest in Netflix history

Still from ‘Squid Game’. The Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ once again broke the world record. After being the first Korean content to top the ‘Netflix TV Show World Top 10’, it became the longest in the history of Netflix. The ‘squid game’ craze… 1st again 1st place According to Flix Patrol, an online video streaming […]

Amid inflation concerns… Bitcoin-Ethereum side by side at all-time highs

Bitcoin reported breaking $68,000… 130% up this year thanks to ETF listing Ethereum also surpassed $4,800 for the first time in history, reflecting expectations of “inflation hedges like gold” “Bubble controversy, investment should be cautious” Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the first and second largest virtual currencies in global market capitalization, both set new all-time […]