B-Quik Expo 2021, the most worthwhile product sale event of the year

Based on the great response from B-Quik Expo last year, this year, B-Quik, the No. 1 leader in the market for one-stop car service centers, is ready to host the 2021 B-Quik Expo. bigger than before to return profits to customers And help stimulate the economy during the release of the lockdown to open the […]

Sole national team wife Yoon Da-young confirmed with Corona… Inspection of actors and staff

Enter 2021.11.17 10:47 Edited 2021.11.17 10:47 ‘National representative’s wife’ Yoon Da-young confirmed“I have enough time for filming… I don’t think there will be any problems with the broadcast” Actress Yoon Da-young / Photo = KBS ‘National wife’ Yoon Da-young was diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). As a result of checking Hankyung.com on […]

Air pollution explodes in India’s capital city closed | India | capital | city closed

Original Title: Air Pollution Exploded, India’s Capital City Closed On the evening of the 16th local time, the Indian Air Quality Management Commission requested the capital region and surrounding areas to close all schools, including universities, until further notice. According to media reports such as the “India Express” on the 17th, in addition to requiring […]