Models die: ‘sonar scanner’ to find hard disk | Ansi Kabeer | Anjana Shajan

Kochi: Police are considering using a ‘sonar scanner’ to retrieve crucial evidence from a computer hard disk in the case of Miss Kerala winners who died in a road accident under mysterious circumstances. According to a hotel employee, a hard disk containing surveillance camera footage of Saiju Thankachan, hotel owner Roy and a ‘VIP’ allegedly […]

What the heck!! Ex-Arsenal striker warns Rafinha thinking Liverpool have hope

Arsenal legend Kevin Campbell has suddenly raised concerns about Rafinha, warning the Leeds attacker that if he joins Liverpool, he may have to sit on the bench for a long time. Since moving from Rennes to Luiball programFor Leeds, on the side of Rafinha did a better job until the form caught the eye of […]

Forbes “BTS, Grammy Award ‘Record of the Year’ nominations prospects”

Ahead of the announcement of the nominations for the 64th Grammy Awards, it was predicted that BTS and BTS would be nominated for ‘Record of the Year’. Forbes, an American business magazine, selected BTS’ ‘Butter’ as one of the nominees for ‘Record of the Year’ on the 22nd local time. ‘Record of the Year’ is […]

OPEC Plus warns, probable response to consuming country stockpile release-Bloomberg

Officials from OPEC Plus, consisting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and major non-OPEC oil-producing countries, have warned that they are likely to respond to strategic stockpile releases planned by global oil-consuming countries. It is likely to be a conflicting composition over the initiative of the global energy market. US President Joe Biden […]

For National Day Celebrations: City Ready | 23Nov2021

Dubai Dubai prepares for National Day celebrations The special feature of this time is that he will get four days off including the weekend break. The National Day holiday falls from December 1 to 4. Fireworks and shopping spree taking place in various parts of the city are all part of the UAE. The change […]

Ministry of Airborne Affairs, Son Jun-sung notified of ‘Suspected Judge’s Inspection’ Investigation

On the 22nd, it was reported that the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Office, which is investigating the allegation that presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol ordered the preparation of so-called ‘Judges Inspection Documents’ while serving as the Prosecutor General, requested the attendance of Prosecutor Son Jun-seong, who oversaw the preparation of the documents. According to the […]