[2022 국감] The overprotection of non-nuclear warfare… Kwon Seong-dong bites his tongue and dies against Kim Je-nam Apologise

People’s Power Representative Kwon Seong-dong explains the comments he made to Kim Je-nam, chairman of the Nuclear Security Institute, “I would rather bite my tongue and die” at the National Assembly’s over-protection inspection on the 7th . [사진=연합뉴스]

On the 7th, the Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communications Committee of the National Assembly held a fierce battle over the nuclear phase-out policy of the Moon Jae-in administration against the Nuclear Safety and Security Committee. In particular, on this day, the People’s Power continued harsh criticism, calling for the resignation of Kim Je-nam, chairman of the Korea Nuclear Safety Organization.

People’s Strength Representative Kwon Seong-dong called for Chairman Kim’s resignation on the same day and harshly criticized him, saying, “Bite your tongue and die. Why do you do such a thing?” Rep. Kwon said that Chairman Kim is a post-nuclear representative and is not in line with the Yoon Seok-yeol administration’s energy policy and should resign.

“I’m not disparaging the Korea Atomic Energy Organization, but there are a number of related organizations, but I didn’t go to such a place, so at the end of the procedure I was forced to go there,” he said.

In addition, he told Chairman Kim, “Why are you doing something against your beliefs? In order to keep your beliefs, you have to go outside and protest with a sign that the administration’s (nuclear) expansion policy Yun Seok-yeol is wrong.” But in order to make a living,” he raised his voice.

Then, “Are you throwing away all your beliefs, values, and in your own path? Aren’t you ashamed of the members of the Justice Party?” “What kind of cuckoo? Isn’t that what you are doing ? “he said. Attention was drawn to the fact that Chairman Kim is a member of the Justice Party.

In response, Chairman Kim responded, “You are free to ask questions, but I apologize for the very offensive comments about my identity.”

Then, when Representative Park Seong-joong, who served as secretary for the over-protected people’s power, shouted, “What do you mean now? Where are you?” Chairman Chung Cheong-rae stopped.

Democratic Party lawmaker Yoon Young-chan said, “Policies, values ​​and beliefs can be different, and it’s okay to point them out,” he said.

Chairman Chung also urged people to refrain from making personal aggression and insulting comments. He also told Chairman Kim, “Even if lawmakers say uncomfortable things, be patient. The people watching will decide.”

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