2022 Dispatch “New Year’s Day CP” will be released! Are Park Seojun, IU, Han Shaoxi, and Song Jiang named? !

Every year on New Year’s Day, on January 1st, Korean gossip media Dispatch (D agency for short) will disclose the CP in the Korean entertainment industry. Who will it be this year?

Dispatch continues 9 years of tradition

Dispatch has always dealt with gossip in the entertainment industry until it has been exposed to evidence. Although it is a paparazzi, it has a high degree of credibility. Since the beginning of this tradition in 2013, Hallyu fans have been looking forward to this day every year. However, every time the CP is revealed, the reaction of the fans is different, and the continuity of the relationship is also different.

Dispatch has high credibility

How are the 7 couples on New Year’s Day?

2013 RAIN & Kim Tae Hee, 2014 Lee Seung Gi & Yoon Ah, 2015 Lee Jung Jae & Lim Se Ling, 2016 Kim Joon Su & Hani, 2017 GD & Lee Joo Yeon, 2018 Lee Jun & Jeong So Min,2019 Kai & Jennie2020Heechul& MOMO2021year Hyun Bin&Son Yejin, only Rain & Kim Tae Hee (married), Lee Jung Jae & Lim Se Ling and Hyun Bin are still in progress.&Zhang Yizhen. Others are returning to friendship. From a general perspective, it is a pity that idols announce their love affairs almost to die.

Rain & Kim Tae Hee are happy after marriage
Rain & Kim Tae Hee are happy after marriage

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are warmly blessed

Last year, what made people feel the most sweet atmosphere was Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, the “crash landing couple”. Regardless of appearance, temperament, or even popularity, let fans offer their blessings. I even hope that the two get married quickly. According to rumors, the two have a chance to enter the auditorium in 2022, but they are currently busy with new films and new plays. Is it possible to get married in 2022? It is not yet known. But if you really get married, it must be the happiest thing for fans.

2021 New Year's Day CP Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are warmly blessed
2021 New Year’s Day CP Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are warmly blessed

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2022 most looking forward to the CP

Can’t wait for January 1, 2022, netizens have begun to name the most anticipated “New Year’s Day CP”. Among them is the combination of Han Shaoxi & Song Jiang, and even IU & Park Seojun? In 2021, Han Shaoxi and Song Jiang collaborated on the Korean drama “I Can’t Resist”, although the ratings in South Korea are not good, but with Netflix’s global broadcast, there is a high level of discussion on the Internet. With their high-looking bodies and sweet interaction, fans will knock the bowl together. It’s no surprise that the two are really together! IU and Park Seo-joon’s 2021 film “Dream” has long been anticipated. The two have a sweet sparkle in their joint endorsement of shochu. Is it possible for CP to come true?

Han Shaoxi & Song Jiang
Han Shaoxi & Song Jiang “The Irresistible” is full of sparks

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Good image of IU & Park Seo-joon, good cooperation and tacit understanding
Good image of IU & Park Seo-joon, good cooperation and tacit understanding

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Not only that, there are also CPs that will be announced on the Internet, which will start dating in 2019, and there are also groups that will be idols. Who will this sweet New Year’s Day gift be? I believe that Hallyu fans around the world can’t wait any longer!

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