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Comments from the driver who was 11th to DNF in the final of the 2022 F1 Round 10 British Grand Prix.

The F1 British Grand Prix had multiple crashes on the opening lap. Three cars retired, including Zhou Guanyu’s horrific crash that everyone was worried about. After that, 3 cars retired and 14 cars completed the race.

11th place: Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)
“I think it was a positive race in its own way. The car was at a much better pace than yesterday and it’s a shame we didn’t get any points. We’re still learning and understanding the upgrade, but today Based on this race, I think there is potential for future races. I’m glad that Zhou (Guanyu) and Alex were safe in the crash at the start. “

12th place: Nicholas Latifi (Williams)
“I’ve been fighting a difficult battle since the first lap. I was surprised at how much I could keep up with the car in front at the beginning, but in reality there was a small DRS train so I was able to keep up. It was much faster. It was a really good feeling to race properly in the group. Unfortunately, along with managing the car towards the end of the race, we didn’t have the basic pace. The lack of downforce compared to other cars didn’t help me because I didn’t have the pace in the high speed corners and the damage to the floor today didn’t help. We had a good fight It wasn’t that fate. It was annoying in the end, but it was a positive weekend overall. “

13th place: Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren)
“First of all, I’m happy to hear that the driver was safe after such a first lap accident. When it comes to racing, the car didn’t seem to be operating at the same level of grip as any other car. I could feel it through the tires trying to speed up. It was a bit weird and I need to investigate. After that, I had a problem with the DRS and couldn’t use it after the 31st lap. That was a bit disappointing, of course, it’s hard to overtake in that state, but anyway, the symptom wasn’t fast enough today. It was a bit sad afternoon. “

14th place: Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri)
Today was a difficult day. The contact at the start couldn’t be helped because a rival machine came in from the side. I broke the front wing, but fortunately I returned to the pit with a red flag and re-started. I was able to get started. Unfortunately, I got in touch with Pierre after that. I need to verify it closely, but at this point I think I should have waited for the opportunity to pass him elsewhere. I didn’t expect Pierre to close the line that much. This is my mistake and I would like to apologize to the team. The car was damaged by the contact, so it was a very tough race after that. became”

DNF: Esteban Ocon (Alpine)
“The most important thing I got from this race was that Zhou was safe after a big accident. It happened in front of me. I was lucky to be able to avoid it, but Alex still Contact with (Albon) damaged the right front. The staff did a great job repairing the car and was ready when the race resumed. Thank you for their work. The restart went well and the car paced well. Unfortunately, the race ended on lap 38 due to a fuel pump problem. I had no choice but to retire the car. Overall it wasn’t an easy weekend I had some problems with Q2 and today’s race. I need to analyze everything thoroughly. On the other hand, I learned a lot of lessons and I’m glad that Fernando brought a big point to the team. Let’s look at the race “

DNF: Pierre Guthrie (Alpha Tauri)
“It was a difficult start on the weekend, but it got a lot better in qualifying and I was able to run 7th after the start in the final. An accident with Yuuki damaged the rear wing and I had to retire. I’m disappointed that I retired due to unnecessary contact today, even though it’s important to accumulate one point this season. The accident on the lap at the start was really shocking and upside down. It was a shock, but I’m really glad he was safe. “

DNF: Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo)
“First and foremost, the important thing today is that Zhou was safe. It was a big shunt. I’m glad that nothing serious happened. He’s already got permission from the FIA ​​today. , We’ve added evidence of how Halo is one of F1’s biggest innovations and how safety has improved in recent years, even though I had a lot of chances after the restart for my race. There was a problem with the gearbox and I had to stop in the end to prevent further damage. It’s a shame because I had a good pace and I think I got a lot of points. It was a tough weekend, but Still, there were some positive harvests. The pace shown on the course is a good sign and I think it will be competitive in Austria next week. “

DNF: George Russell (Mercedes)
“I started with hard tires because I made a mistake in qualifying. I thought it was a risk that would give me the best chance in the second half of the race, but I had almost no grip at the start. It was the hardest compound and it was cold, so I was swallowed by all the cars. I was in contact with the side of the lap when I noticed. I jumped out of the car to see if the lap was okay. I saw the red flag soon. I returned to the car. Sometimes I couldn’t start the car for some reason, so I ran back to the team to check, telling Marshall to leave the car, but the next time I came back The car was behind the flatbed and I couldn’t restart. It’s very frustrating because the car just punctured. I’m sure there was a pace to return to 6th place today, but lap was safe. I’m glad that

DNF: Zhou Guanyu (Alfa Romeo)
“It was a big crash. I’m glad we’ve done it safely. The quick response of the truck’s Marshall and Mediam teams was great, and what the FIA ​​and F1 have done to improve the safety of our car, Thank you for all the work you’re doing. Today Halo saved me. It shows that all the value we’ve done to improve the car has really valuable results. I want to get back on track more than ever and I feel like I’m doing what I love. I’m fine and looking forward to Austria next week. “

DNF: Alex Albon (Williams)
“I am very pleased that everyone else involved in the first lap accident was safe. I am grateful to the truck and all the medical staff at Coventry Hospital. Today ended before the race started. Unfortunately, we are already focused on Austria. We are enthusiastic about the next race. ”

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