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The Canadian Grand Prix final is a sunny forecast, so it will be a wet qualifying that will be challenged with dry settings for each car.

Road conditions, tire temperature and traffic timing are of paramount importance.

A machine with warm tires will help you get a good time and the grid will be shuffled.

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Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying Report

The qualifying started when the weather was rainy, the temperature was 12 ℃, and the road surface temperature was 18 ℃.


All cars are on the course with wet tires.

Machines with a lot of front downforce are fast. By continuing to run, the road surface is improving little by little.

Kakuda measured the time and immediately went to the pit, and Leclerc broke through Q1.

Guthrie, two Astons who were in good shape at the FP3 interchange, fell in Q1.


It is divided into wet and inter, and the course in and inter are quicker.

With 9 minutes remaining, Perez plunges straight into the barrier from the front, breaking the front wing.

It is a red flag because it does not enter the reverse gear and cannot move.

Norris is removing the cowl with a misfire.

Resuming, going into the course at all car interchanges, Verstappen and Sainz’s speed is one step ahead.

Norris entered the course with about 3 minutes remaining, but the time did not improve.

Alonso was at the top for a while, but Verstappen has significantly updated and is in Q2 top time.


Although it is raining, the road surface is wet, so all cars are on the course at the interchange.

Verstappen 22.7, Sainz 22.9, Alonso 23.0, Mick 23.4, Russell 23.5, Hamilton 23.7, the top 6 of the first set.

All the cars were in the pit once, the fuel was loaded enough to run, and I left the pit immediately after changing the tires.

Only Russell was soft and gambled. Others are in the course at a new interchange.

Russell was soft and off course, I wanted him to warm up another lap.


Last Attack, Verstappen and Sainz ran at almost the same time until Sector 2, but Sainz failed in the final chicane.

Alonso jumped into 2nd place.

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Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying Results


In tricky wet conditions, Verstappen and Alonso shined.

Verstappen ran exceptionally and was in a pole position with plenty of room due to the failure of Sainz to compete.

This is the second time this season.

Verstappen was a little worried about FP3, but when the qualifying started, he showed a dangerous run.

When there was a lot of rainfall in Q1, I struggled with a machine that was difficult to get into the front, but at the same time as the rainfall decreased, it became faster and it was an exceptional speed.

Alonso who was fine from the wet condition of FP3, attack the Champions Wall with perfect slide control.

Alon Socole was boiling from a large crowd at the front row after a long absence.

The two Haas were 5th and 6th, and the downforce was strong because there was still no rear wing dedicated to the high-speed circuit, so it showed its power in wet conditions.

How far can you keep your position in the final? If you can form a formation, you can make a DRS train.

Russell’s soft tire gambling was unsuccessful, but I would like to praise his challenging spirit.

If I warmed up another lap and ran, Paul would not be able to do it, but the time would have improved.

Kakuda didn’t attack because the tail was confirmed, but Guthrie had a Q1 drop at the front when there was a lot of rainfall.

The situation was similar for the two Astons.

Both Aston and Alpha Tauri have high front wings, so if you go up 10mm with wet tires, the downforce will decrease.

The heat of the tires did not go well, and the cause of undershoot increased, so I think it feels like I lost Q1.

In the final race of the sunny forecast, a fast straight machine will catch up.

There is a turbulence, and the qualifying result seems to be expected.

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