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Barcelona, ​​where the F1 Spanish Grand Prix is ​​held, has traditionally been a race track where the F1 team brings significant upgrades to the car, but that hasn’t changed in 2022.

With the introduction of the new generation F1 machine in 2022, it is believed that the F1 team’s collection of data, further understanding of the machine and further development will play a major role in the outcome of the World Championships.

What new parts have been installed above and below the grid in Spain this weekend to get the most performance possible?

Mercedes has introduced several upgrades to improve the flow conditioning of the car. First, the camber of the front wing end plate was changed, but the floor was also changed and slots were added to the outer edge of the component. We also installed a new lower deflector end plate in the rear corner of the car. Elsewhere on the floor, new bib vanes have been added to the body. This is expected to increase the local load and generate vortices under the main floor.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

Red bull
Red Bull has been aggressive in upgrading early in the 2022 season, but hasn’t brought that much new parts to Barcelona. The team has introduced a new circuit-specific flap on the front wing. It is said that this will increase the load generated. However, floor body upgrades have also been introduced, stating that the surface “raises locally from the floor’s previous geometry to the top body dividers to form a’blister’.” By doing this, we would like to improve the total pressure on the upper surface of the floor.

Red Bull Racing 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

Ferrari, a leader in both the Drivers’and Constructors’ Championships, has arrived with updated car floor body and rear corner performance. In addition, circuit-specific changes have been introduced in the rear wing. This will make the car more in line with Barcelona’s circuit layout and aerodynamic requirements.

Scuderia Ferrari 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

After the volatile start of the 2022 campaign, McLaren arrived in Barcelona with various upgrades, hoping to take a step towards the front of the group. The addition of the new front suspension and center diffuser package is aimed at improving airflow, but is also included in the front and rear corners, floor body, engine cover and numerous local road components. It will be fitted with a new cooling louver that works in contact with the new side pods and will use a new rear wing focused on increasing downforce on circuits such as Barcelona.

McLaren 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

The upgrade to the rear floor made changes to the winglets on both the top and bottom brake drums. Changes have also been made to the front wing end plates, the leading edge profile has been changed, and a heavier dive plane has been introduced. Elsewhere, larger rear wings are being carried to trucks to increase downforce levels.

Alpine F1 Team 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

Alpha Tauri
The only new component is the new circuit-specific rear wing that increases both downforce and drag.

Aston Martin
The Aston Martin was a car that caught the attention of many when it was unveiled at the paddock in Barcelona. Many have pointed out similarities to the 2022 Red Bull car, which won three of the first five races to start a new season. The team changed floors and made changes to the body, fences and edges. Similarly for the new engine cover and rear wing, all changes were made to increase the local load. The side pod inlets have also moved backwards to complement the flow of surrounding air, and halos have also been modified to improve downforce levels. Finally, circuit-specific cooling louvers are used “to fit the shape of the new bodywork” on the weekends.

Aston Martin 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

Williams uses a large rear flap on the front wing to increase the load in Barcelona. It also uses a new rear wing that is described as “aggressive” compared to its predecessor. A new cluster of winglets has been added to the rear corner of the car.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo has made changes to the front and rear wings, as well as the front and rear suspension wishbones. A new cooling louver has been added, as well as a redesigned engine cover. All of these are aimed at increasing the flow of air to the rear end of the machine. The new mirror has a thicker stay, which allows the engine cover housing to be larger. This was done to improve the credibility that has plagued the team in the opening section of the season. We also hope that the new floor will take this weekend’s performance a step further.

Alfa Romeo Racing Sing 2022 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

Haas is the only one who hasn’t brought in an upgrade this weekend. He claims that team principal Guenther Steiner needs a few more races before introducing new parts to the VF-22 car. It will be introduced at the French Grand Prix, the penultimate event before the summer vacation.

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