2022 Land Asset Management Project Tender Announcement

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Jiacheng Group

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2022 Land Asset Management Project Tender Announcement

Release date: 2021-12-31 14:07

Source of information: Jiacheng Group


Item Number

letter Information category

Construction bidding

release time

December 2021

pay Easy way

Group company platform public bidding

work Process name

2022 Land Asset Management and Maintenance Project

Construction unit(stamp)

Jiaxing Jiacheng Huanyi Property Management Co., Ltd.

Bidding agency

Jiaxing Jianxin Project Cost Consulting Firm Co., Ltd.

Total investment


Investment nature


Estimated price for bidding

make an appointment99.9490Ten thousand yuan

The total area


Engineering category

Judge for yourself



Maximum span


Building number


Number of layers


Construction period(sky)

See the tender documents for details

construction place

Jiaxing City (within the third ring road)

Quality requirements


United Relations


contact number


contact address

Jiaxing Jianxin Project Cost Consulting Firm Co., Ltd.(3rd Floor, Jiayu Business Building, 207 Huizhan Road, Jiaxing CityRoom 318)

Enterprise qualification requirements

The general contracting of municipal public works construction is level 3 and above, and the relevant procedures for the registration of enterprises outside the province are in accordance with Jiajian (2015) Document No. 1 shall be implemented.This project does not accept conjoined bidding

Project leader requirements

Registered construction engineer at level 2 and above for municipal public works.

Other conditions

Submitted during registration: unit introduction letter, copy of legal person business license, Enterprise Qualification CertificateCertificate, record certificate of enterprises from outside the province entering Zhejiang, project managerCertificate of Registration. (Note: A copy of the above materials must be provided with the official seal of the company, and the original should be brought for reference when registering)

Registration address

Jiaxing Jianxin Project Cost Consultation Office Co., Ltd. (Jiaxing Huizhan Road31, 3rd Floor, Jiayu Business Building, No. 2078 rooms

Start and end time of registration


Bidding management agency

Chief Engineer’s Office of Jiaxing Urban Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.



The person in charge of the project shall not be replaced after bidding and registration


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