Out of control! Chonburi found 1,369 new infections, 1 death

‘Chonburi’ can’t take it until it’s gone New infections surpassed a thousand again, at 1,369 cases, mainly due to contact with family members. and factory cluster 23 Feb. 2022 – Page of the Chonburi Provincial Public Relations Office – Chonburi PR has reported a case of COVID-19. New cases in the province that there are […]

Haridasan’s political assassination; 4 BJP activists arrested Crime News

Punnol (Kannur): Police say political animosity was behind the brutal murder of a CPM activist in front of his wife and brother in Punnol. Haridasan (54), a fisherman, was killed at around 1.30 am on Monday. Police have arrested four BJP activists, including K Lijesh (37), a Thalassery municipal councilor and BJP Thalassery constituency president, […]

Saudi Covid Report: 841 more Kovids in Saudi Arabia; A death today

Riyadh Saudi Arabia, First Published Feb 22, 2022, 10:56 PM IST Riyadh: Another death due to Kovid has been reported in Saudi Arabia. In 24 hours, 841 people were newly diagnosed with the new covid virus. Of the current patients, 1,922 have recovered (Covid Recoveries), according to the Ministry of Health. The total number of […]

Women Workers Must Cover Up ‘Even With A Blanket’, Say Taliban

The Taliban have warned Afghan women working in government institutions to cover their faces completely and use blankets if necessary, otherwise they will lose their jobs. Police have also issued an order in this regard. The police issued the directives to the women following a directive from the Taliban government. Since the Taliban’s return to […]

‘Soonpoong Obstetrics & Gynecology’ Oh Ji-myung, Huh Kyung-young support… “You must become president”

▲ Actor Oh Ji-myung and Huh Kyung-young declared support for candidates. Photo = Captured from YouTube channel ‘Heo Kyung-young TV’ Actor Oh Ji-myung has publicly declared that he will support the presidential candidate of the National Revolutionary Party, Huh Kyung-young. On the 22nd, Candidate Heo’s YouTube channel, ‘Heo Kyung-young TV’, released a video titled “The […]