Financial fraud; Mumbai police register case against 60 foreign nationals All 40 are Chinese

Mumbai: The Financial Crimes Investigation Division of the Mumbai Police has registered FIRs against 60 foreign nationals in connection with financial frauds. Forty of them are Chinese citizens. They committed financial fraud under the guise of business establishments. These include companies registered in violation of Indian law and fraudulently misrepresenting themselves as members of the […]

Yoon Kye-sang’s late wedding ceremony, 1 year after marriage registration[종합]

Yoon Kye-sang. Photo|Lotte Entertainment Actor Yoon Kye-sang (44) married a businessman who is five years younger than him, and married about a year after they became a couple. According to Yoon Kye-sang’s agency Just Entertainment on the 18th, Yoon Kye-sang will get married on June 9 at the Shilla Hotel Youngbin. The wedding is held […]

Prohibited pills seized while trying to smuggle into Qatar

Customs seize banned pills and drugs trying to smuggle into Qatar at Doha International Airport About 500 pills were seized from a passenger’s bag. Customs said it also contained narcotic drugs. Officers seized 100 tramadol pills, 455 pills and 18 pills kept in a medicine box. The seized items were handed over to the concerned […]

Spider-Man has been to the theater 292 times; World record young man

Who doesn’t love to watch movies? We all have a long list of favorite movies to tell. No matter how many times it comes on TV, we watch our favorite movie without a hitch. However how many of you can confidently say that you have seen your favorite movie 292 times or more? No wonder. […]