Review of the game “Just Stopping”, the horror story of the shopping line.

Dowload : Just Stopping Illustration source 1. Cover photo from HyperSlash & Just Stopping. 2. Illustrations 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 from Just Stopping Gameplay *STAR COVER”Don’t just watch, let’s be famous”* True ID Community Invite everyone to have fun Cove like Lead actors of the series “Knight Nub Dao” Kim Han (Bright), […]

Simmons Bed, Ssuk Live Broadcasting

ⓒSimons Simmons Bed was held on the 13th at 8pm on Ssuk Live, ‘2022 first half settlement special! Simmons’ popular explosion encore live!’ This encore live is a special broadcast given only to three popular brands among the live broadcasts held at Ssuk Live in the first half of this year. With Simmons, global […]

The world’s three largest granaries are squat… There is a food crisis

photo = AP There is growing concern that food shortages and consequent ‘food inflation (food + inflation)’ will hit the world. This is because, while the food supply chain has collapsed due to the prolonged war in Ukraine, extreme weather such as heatwave and drought are rampant. It is predicted that more than 300 million […]

For ten million movies… ‘Crime City 2’ 1st place for 4 weeks in a row

For ten million movies… ‘Crime City 2’ 1st place for 4 weeks in a row Enter 2022.06.13 (08:16) yunhap news ‘Crime City 2’, which surpassed 10 million viewers for the first time in three years among domestic films, maintained its popularity by maintaining the top spot at the weekend box office for four weeks in […]

3 person co-op shooter ‘Endless Dungeon’ made by 4X famous family

Amplitude Studios, a famous developer of 4X genres such as Endless Space Series, Endless Legend, and Humankind, has released the latest trailer for ‘Endless Dungeon’ through the PC Gaming Show. ‘Endless Dungeon’ is a game based on ‘Dungeon of the Endless’, a rogue-like tower defense game based on Endless Space. However, the game’s genre, system, […]

A-share subscription | Sany Heavy Energy (688349.SH) opens subscription with R&D and production capacity for a full range of wind turbines from 2.XMW to 6.XMW | RMB_Sina

The selection of the best listed companies in the Golden Kylin Hong Kong and US stocks is officially launched. Who is the most valuable company in your heart? Your vote is the most convincing!【Voting entrance】 On June 13, Sany Heavy Energy (688349.SH) opened the subscription, the issue price was 29.80 yuan per share, the subscription […]