There are more than 10,000 stores for ordinary people, and chain pharmacies are differentiated: giants accelerate expansion, and small pharmacies are more difficult to survive | Daily Economic News

Today (June 26), Common People (SH603883, stock price 43.88 yuan, market value 19.7 billion yuan), a pharmacy chain listed company, announced that the number of stores exceeded 10,000, becoming the first private listed pharmaceutical retail enterprise with more than 10,000 stores. The “Daily Economic News” reporter noticed that in the past two years, the new […]

IBM’s electronic tongue technology evolves to detect finer taste data – Hong Kong

Machine vision sensing technology is quite mature, and other “senses” are also constantly improving. Recently IBM shared their “electronic tongue” technology progress, and now it has begun to detect more detailed taste distinctions. IBM’s HyperTaste “electronic tongue”, which is chemical taste detection technology, can analyze the chemical composition of liquids and perform calculations on the […]