Nations League Women’s Volleyball 2022, Statistics, Live Streaming

Nations League Women’s Volleyball Tournament 2022 Week Three in Sofia Bulgaria Between June 28 – July 4, which from a total of 16 teams will select a total of 8 teams to play in the next final. by “Thai women’s slapping army”, ranked 14th in the world, winning 5, losing 4, will go to the […]

Niantic, NBA and NBPA team up for NBA ALL-WORLD

(June 29, 2022, Taipei) Niantic announced today that it has partnered with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) to create a new real-world mobile game: NBA All-World. “NBA All-World” is a game that puts NBA fans in the original universe of the real world and is unique in the […]

2nd May Industrial production 08↑, facility investment 130↑… Consumption is 01↓

Enter 2022.06.30 08:09 Edited 2022.06.30 08:09 The leading economic index turns upward for the first time in 11 months… The coincidence index also rises Although domestic industrial production and facility investment increased in May, consumption decreased slightly. The indicators improved compared to April, when production, consumption and investment showed a ‘triple decrease’, and the cyclical […]

Seoul heavy rain warning expands subway and bus service during rush hours

work in the rain ▶ Click here for a larger view The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 30th that it will implement emergency transportation measures to minimize inconvenience to citizens on the way to and from work as heavy rain warnings are in effect throughout the city. As it is expected that many citizens […]

NATO formalizes check on China… U.S. builds military power

◀ anchor ▶ NATO has adopted a new strategy, declaring China a security challenge, de facto ‘threat’. It has grown in size by joining a new military neutral country, and the US has announced that it will significantly increase its military power in Europe. Correspondent Wang Jong-myung of Washington. ◀ Report ▶ For the first […]

Why the American Heart Association added ‘sleep time’ to its new guidelines

A new cardiovascular disease prevention guideline from the American Heart Association (AHA) ‘Life’s Essential 8’. [사진=AHA 홈페이지] Sleep duration has been added to the American Heart Association’s (AHA) new cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines. According to AHA’s new presidential advisory published in the journal Circulation on the 29th (local time), the American Heart Association has replaced […]