Fashion e-commerce, own mall is advantageous

‘2022 Fashion E-Commerce Benchmark Report by Channel Corporation, which operates online biz messenger Channel Talk, analyzing industry trends such as growth strategies, revenue and cost management, and operation efficiency secrets targeting 48 C-level personnel of leading brands in the fashion industry ‘ was published on the 18th, and it was found that fashion e-commerce’s own […]

Dong-a “The explanation of ‘recruitment pressure’ in the presidential office of Kwon Seong-dong is beyond common sense”

It is controversial that Kwon Seong-dong, floor leader of the People’s Power (acting representative), recommended the son of the election commissioner of his constituency, Gangneung, as a 9th-level administrative employee of the presidential office and exerted pressure. While floor leader Kwon explained that he was a “level 9 administrative agent, not even a high position,” […]

Ukraine and Russia used as Europe’s largest nuclear attack base and weapons storage

Ukrainian claims have been raised that Russia has deployed missile launchers and other missiles at the Zaporiza nuclear power plant complex in Ukraine, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. It is said that the Ukrainian military took advantage of the fact that it was difficult for the Ukrainian military to counterattack due to concerns about damage […]

Bundesliga-rated Lewandowski imminent transfer to Barcelona

Leaving Bayern Munich for a new challenge ‘Messi gap’ Barca, a stepping stone for another leap forward German professional football Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski (34, photo) is imminent to transfer to Spanish prestigious FC Barcelona. The BBC reported on the 17th that “Barcelona and Munich have reached an agreement in principle for the transfer […]

Sundongi wipes, 100 won miracle donation

ⓒLake Country Suomi The baby wipes brand Sundungyi manufacturing and sales company Lake Nara Suomi announced that it has launched a ‘Miracle of 100 Won’ campaign. The 100 won miracle conducted by Sundungyi Wipes is the ‘Love Together’ social contribution campaign that has been ongoing since its foundation in 2007. This donation is added to […]

TIPCO board secret camouflage.!?

I’m starting to smell the fruit juice wafting from Rama 6 Road already.! from the caseTipco Foods Public Company Limited or TIPCO Significant changes have been made to the board structure. Because within just 2 months, there are both independent directors. Audit Committee and Chief Executive Officer Gradually resigned..!? It was noted that what happened […]

Aston Martin F1 Representative “Upgrade was not successful enough”[F1-Gate .com]

Aston Martin F1 team representative Mike Krack admits that the upgrade package that was talked about at the F1 Spanish Grand Prix wasn’t as successful as expected. The upgrade package introduced to the AMR22 at the F1 Spanish Grand Prix was much controversial at the time, especially because the side pods and engine cover were […]