Demolition of buildings continues in Jeddah: Notices have begun in Muntasahat

Jeddah: In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, authorities have started issuing notices to the residents of Muntasahat regarding the demolition of buildings. This is part of the plan to demolish slums in the city. So far the demolition work of around 28 slum areas has been completed. As part of urban development, the slum demolition project being […]

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[날씨클릭] The country’s sweltering heat… Heavy rain showers in the center of the inland [앵커] With the heat wave warning in effect across the country, the sweltering heat will continue. There are also reports of thunderstorms in the inland areas. Click the Weather button to learn more about the weather. Jisoo Kang Caster. Is the […]

The Bun administration “repatriated to North Korea because it is a thug” accepted another murder North Korean defector | Joongang Ilbo | JoongAng Ilbo

Ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2022.07.24 12:23 In 2019, when two North Korean defectors suspected of murder were repatriated to North Korea, the Moon Jae-in administration allowed another North Korean defector suspected of murder to live in South Korea. Was confirmed. According to a document submitted by the Ministry of Unification, a member […]

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Jo A-yeon wins KLPGA Lakeside Classic… 2 wins in season Jo A-yeon won the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Tour and the Hoban Seoul Shimbun Classic by coming back to the top of the season’s 2nd win. Jo A-yeon, who started in tied for second place, two strokes behind the lead, cut four strokes in the […]

What is WiFi calling/VoWiFi? What are the benefits, no money to make calls?

Far EasTone recently announced that it was the first to open 4G and 5G monthly users to use VoLTE and WiFi calling (VoWiFi) services for free. . However, Taiwan’s VoLTE service must meet at least three conditions to enjoy VoLTE high-quality voice service. The current penetration rate is not high, and most users are quite […]