2 famous dramas on Channel One31 Break the awards from the Global Star Media Awards

These are the 2 dramas that received the best response during the first half of Channel One31 for time of cupid With Tri Pharaphat and Fern Nopjira, incl underground Starring Tor Thanapob and Kwan Nattaya, the two recently won several awards from the Global Star Media Awards2022 as follows:Best TV Station of the Year AwardActors […]

Dunchon Jugong construction resume… The price for every sq. meter is 4,000,000 gained.

A remarkable agreement was reached among the Dunchon Jugong Apartment Reconstruction Association and the building task group. As Dunchon Jugong has a substantial amount of standard sale models and a excellent spot, close users are fascinated in the common sale price. On the 14th, Dunchon Condition Industrial Cooperative explained, “Considering that the normal income plan […]

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“Rushdie is attacked with a knife, take away the ventilator and converse … the perception of humor is nonetheless there” (Detailed)

In an interview two weeks back, he stated, “Now I appear to have returned to my usual everyday living” Salman Rushdie [로이터 연합뉴스 자료사진. 재배포 및 DB 금지] (Seoul, Washington = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Yeon-sook, Reporter Kang Byung-cheol = writer of ‘Devil’s Poem’ Salman Rushdi (75) was reported to have recovered to the extent […]

What is the Saudi ‘Neom City’? The reality of the town of the long term?

“Neom City is envisioned to boost the value of Saudi Arabia’s inventory marketplace by additional than $1 trillion. We will make it a town even larger than Abu Dhabi (the most significant metropolis in the United Arab Emirates).” The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman (37) designed this announcement on the 26th of […]

US lawmakers visit Taiwan all over again adhering to Pelosi… 2nd in depth report on opposition to interference in China’s inner affairs

A delegation from the US Congress visits Taiwan 11 days soon after Pelosi’s visit… Interview with the President, and many others.Taiwan “expects to deepen cooperation with the United States”… Chinese Embassy in the United States says that the United States does not want steadiness in Taiwan Amid heightened tensions among the US and China following […]