iPhone 14 orders flood in China causing Apple website to crash

Apple fans in China have pre-ordered more than 2 million iPhone 14 series through the Apple Store on just 24 hours after the pre-orders started on September 9. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are particularly popular, with the iPhone 14 Pro receiving more than 1 million orders, while the iPhone […]

US inflation is expected to peak and the four major indexes will continue to rise |

Wall Street expects August US inflation data to peak and fall, the Ukrainian army’s counteroffensive has reported good news, and market risk sentiment has improved. Pre-orders were hot, earnings were Apple impressively, all four major indices closed in the red, the Dow Jones closed almost 230 points, and the Nasdaq and S&P rose more than […]

Washington News Square 2022/9/13

VOA Korea’s morning news program ‘Washington News Plaza’ will be broadcast on September 13, 2022. It is analyzed that North Korea’s effort to ‘legislate nuclear law’ amid economic difficulties is supported by a close three-way relationship with China and Russia. In response to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s statement of not rejecting nuclear weapons, the […]

Yonhap News TV

Your browser does not support the video tag. Sorry, but please use a different browser. close IAEA “North Korea Continues to Operate Yongbyon Uranium Enrichment Facility” The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said North Korea continues to operate a uranium enrichment facility at its Yongbyon nuclear facility in North Pyongan Province. Secretary General Rafael Grosi […]

Vietnam expects GDP in the third quarter to grow more than 7 percent |

The Vietnamese government expects GDP in the third quarter of this year to grow by more than 7 percent, and warns of risks from external factors #Nattapong Namsirikul #economic news #Teacher P’Pop #Teacher P’Pop yaw the world shrunk #Teacher P ‘Pop the economic world #Teacher P’Pop Nattapong #Vietnam #GDP Channel to follow the news station […]

Ryzen 7 6800U Windows game machine “AYANEO Geek” coming soon

AYANEO, which has released many portable Windows game consoles, will crowdfund a new model at the end of this month. That is “AYANEO Geek”, there are two types of SKU, one is a skeleton body like ↓. The specs are very similar to the AYANEO 2 mentioned below, but the AYANEO Geek has slightly lower […]

Malankara Syriac Catholic Church Reunion Anniversary Celebration

Manama: Malankara Syriac Catholic Church’s 92nd Reunion Anniversary Celebration ‘Sukrutam-2022’ will be held at the Gulf region level on September 17 between 8 am and 7 pm at St. Catholic Church. Michael, Sharjah. As part of the celebrations, there will be a Holy Mass, a seminar and a public gathering, offered by His Grace Cardinal […]