Huge number of Udyogarthis at the mega job fair held at Annamanda Litham : Nattu Visesham

Annamada: National Employment Department, Regional Employment Exchange, Thrissur Employability Centre, Annamanada Grama Panchayat Entrepreneurs at the mega job fair organized under the auspices of the major Contribution of Pratiksha – VA Mega Job Fair 2022 held at Annamada VM Auditorium R. Sunilkumar MLA inaugurated the event. Gram Panchayat President PV Vinod became the president. Regional […]

Tough environment for cryptocurrency… Bitcoin falls to $13,000

[사진=게티이미지뱅크] Bloomberg News reported on the 23rd (local time) that the sudden drop in the price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will be sharpened by the intense tightening of the Federal Reserve (Fed). At one point during the day, Bitcoin was trading at $18,538, down 3.7%. As of 3:31 pm (Korea time), Bitcoin was trading […]

Three iron beauty contestants shared the good news after the competition. The tight one-piece suit was criticized as “inappropriate” | International | QUANTITY

The first level athlete on the mainland took third place in the triathlon and shared the good news online after the competition. (Photo / Cut from “Extreme Player-A Shuang” Douyin) Recently, an internet celebrity “A Shuang” in mainland China won the third place in the “Ironman Triathlon” competition. After the competition, she happily shared her […]

Lee Jung-min, ‘Marine Corps’ PO revealed current status

[조이뉴스24 이지영 기자]Publicist Lee Jung-min shared the current status of singer-actor PO, who enlisted in the Marines. On the 24th, Lee Jung-min posted a video and photos of PO on his Instagram. He continued, “Keeahak~ At the #Seoul Restoration 72nd Anniversary Ceremony. I had moderation with the #Pr. Pyo Jihoon #PO who enlisted in the […]