Viva drinks way to save the nation

over the years Japan has a problem with storage income.alcohol tax continued to decline and the spread of COVID-19 put pressure to reduce alcohol consumption even more According to Japan’s National Tax Agency, alcohol consumption per adult was 100 liters in 1995, but fell to 75 liters per person in 2020. for “Tax on drinks” […]

Korean Corps ‘3 win 1 loss cooperation’ … “We lost but we fought well”

‘International Team’ President’s Cup Final Day Single Match 5 Wins 1 Draws 6 LossesSi-Woo Kim, Seong-Jae Lim, and Kyung-Hoon Lee in ‘The Triumph’… Kim Joo-hyung ‘1st class third class’‘Team USA’ 17.5-12.5 wins ‘9 wins in a row’… The next competition will be in Montreal in 2024. Siwoo Kim roars after birdieing the 16th hole in […]

Yang Hyun-suk, the 10th trial on charges of retaliatory threats today (26th)[MK이슈]

Hyunsuk Yang. Photo l Star Today DB Yang Hyun-suk (52), former representative producer of YG Entertainment, will hold the 10th trial on charges such as retaliation and threats of retaliation. The 23rd Criminal Settlement Division of the Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge Cho Byung-gu) will hold the 10th trial on charges such as violation […]

I want to “buy a house”, what “expenses” do I need to prepare?

“People are less likely to buy a home”buy a houseof Thai people, calculated from median house prices. with the average household income, it was found that if you Save around 30% of your income to buy a house. It will take around 15 years of savings to buy a house. calculation of Wiwan Tarahiranchot CFP […]

Yonhap News TV

Your browser does not support the video tag.Sorry, but please use a different browser. close At the Korean Empire Experience Event… Controversy over ‘rental of emperor and military police uniforms’ In the ‘Jeongdong Night Tour’ event held in Seoul for two days from the 23rd, it is known that the costumes of the Japanese emperor […]

“Fierce response to the use of nuclear weapons … Delivered to the Russian side”

◀ anchor ▶ The White House has issued a strong warning to Russia over Russian President Putin’s comments about the possible use of nuclear weapons. He also predicted that additional sanctions against Russia would be announced in the near future. Correspondent Wang Jong-myung from Washington. ◀ Report ▶ On the 21st, Russian President Putin mentioned […]

ȯ, E Ÿ Dzǡ –

̸ ȯ APý ȯ(23 ̸) ̱ξо 3° ⿡ Ÿ о . ȯ 26 (ѱð) ̱ Ǻ̴Ͼ PNC ũ ī Ž Ȩ ⿡ 1 Ÿ(ְּ) 4Ÿ Ÿ ƴ. 24. ȯ UBE ù оо ȭо. 3° ⿡ ¼ ̾ о. ȯ Ÿ 0.286 0.182(11Ÿ 2Ÿ) . р ⿡ 2 YOU. ̳ Ž 2020 KBO ј ̵帮 ȯ […]

Netflix unveils animation using action game Gwimuja IP

On the 25th (local time), Netflix released a screenshot of the new animation Gwimuja using the intellectual property (IP) of Capcom’s action game Gwimuja. Takashi Miike and Shinya Sugai, who participated in the production of the Dragon’s Dogma animation, will be the general director and animation director of the ghost, respectively. In the screen released […]