Private organizations also require police clearance certificate : Nattu Visesham

Author himself Kannur: Police for those joining private institutes in Kerala Recommendation that clearance certificate should be mandatory. The report on this will be submitted to the State Intelligence Department The report will be prepared based on the discussions of the cabinet. Many organizations in the state including Vadhi international workers are working. Those participating […]

12 new anime to watch during Fall 2022 | TrueID creator

Akuyaku Reijo nano from Last Boss with Kattemimashita Producer: Maho Film Original: Light Novel Start of broadcast (Japan): 24 September 22 at 20:30 (Saturday) Streaming: Ani-One Asia, Bilibili Manga in Thailand by SNP: Thai Name Phoenix “She’s a bad girl, she’s dangerous. So try to raise Olaf Boss for a while.” Official Twitter: @akulas_pr Eileen […]

Yonhap News TV

Your browser does not support the video tag.Sorry, but please use a different browser. close About 20 US nuclear carriers, including US nuclear carriers, are taking part in joint exercises between South Korea and the US… “Preparing for North Korean Provocation” [앵커] The ROK and US Navy will hold joint maritime exercises in the East […]

Live broadcast This is the morning of Washington, September 27, 2022

‘This is Washington’, a live broadcast that presents everything in the United States along with world news, will be broadcast on the morning of September 27, 2022. In ‘Global Village Today’, the National Security Adviser of the White House, Jake Sullivan, warns that Russia will face catastrophic consequences if it uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine. […]

Ferrari F1 rep “Michael Schumacher’s mentality is missing”[]

The boss of Ferrari F1, Mattia Binotto, says that the team is still missing an essential ‘X factor’ which has prevented it from fully competing for the world championship with the likes of Red Bull and Mercedes. When asked what he thought Ferrari was missing, Mattia Binotto said: “It was the winning mentality of the […]

Composer and producer of Ecobridge to marry next month

photo credit = nuplay Echo Bridge, the composer, producer and head of the Nuplay label is getting married next month. Eco-Bridge recently decided to marry a non-celebrity woman who is a year younger than her, and plans to sign a 100-year wedding ceremony in Seoul on the afternoon of October 13. Echo Bridge is a […]

[사회][제보는Y] Benz turned off in the middle of the highway… ‘Ha Se-wol’ until the result of the investigation into defects

Benz shut down on the highway … Fault investigation is ‘Hasewol’ Engine switched off on the highway… I was almost hit by a 25 ton truck Repeating the same phenomenon 5 times… Avoiding liability for Mercedes-Benz and dealers Battery fault estimate… Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, investigating faults for over a year The possibility […]

Ants produced: Number 20,000,000,000,000,000 | Ants

Washington ∙ Scientists have discovered that the number of ants on earth is about 20 quadrillion (20,000,000,000,000,000). The total human population on earth is 775.28 crores. In comparison, researchers say there are about 25.8 lakh ants per human in the world. The research was carried out jointly by scientists from the Universities of Würzburg and […]