Korean government bonds added to WGBI’s watch list

(Seoul = Yonhap Infomax) Correspondent Jae-Heon Lee = Korean government bonds were successfully included in the World Government Bond Index (WGBI) Watch List. Working-level talks with the Russell Stock Exchange (FTSE Russell) emerged three months after they began. According to FTSE Russell’s ‘September 2022 Bond Country Classification Results’ by FTSE Russell on the 30th, Korea […]

Putin approves the independent states of Kherson and Zaporiza in Ukraine… Comprehensive procedure before unification

Disclosure of the signature of the decree… A unilateral declaration has already been made before the invasion of DonbassPutin signs an annexation agreement with four self-proclaimed independent states in Ukraine today Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared Kherson and Zaporiza Oblasts in Ukraine to be independent states. According to Reuters, President Putin signed a proclamation […]

Series opener The Law Cafe (2022)

Anyone looking for a light legal series, funny boob, chemistry, sweet princess, but the story line is not boring, I recommend it. The Law Cafe New series from KBS, new performance. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young A couple who have worked together in a romantic fantasy series. A Korean Odyssey In 2017, this […]

AMARC to IPO 120 million shares, expected to enter the May market in 4Q16 : InfoQuest

stock news29 September 65 3:15 pm2022-09-29 Mr. Chindanai Chaiyong, Managing Director of Asia Medical and Agricultural Research Laboratory and Research Center Plc (AMARC) revealed that the company is preparing an initial public offering (IPO) of 120 million shares, which is 28.57% of the common shares. after this IPO and is expected to be listed on […]

5 were arrested with a huge cache of narcotic pills in Saudi

Saudi authorities have thwarted an attempt to smuggle drugs in watermelons. Saudi police arrested five people, including two locals and three foreigners from Syria. Under the guise of exporting watermelons, an attempt was made to smuggle 7,65,000 amphetamine tablets. Authorities thwarted an attempt to smuggle drug pills inside watermelons. The accused was arrested and transferred […]

Pilgrimage to Nattu Gandhiji of Thrissur : Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Pilgrimage to Gandhiji’s Land from Thrissur Friday, September 30, 2022 12:43 PM IST Thrissur: Kerala as part of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary a group of 75 Sams Karika activists from different parts of the A cultural pilgrimage is organized from Ril to Gandhiji’s land. Former Mayor K. Radhakrishnan, Balakrishnan V, Senior Journalist Balakrishnan Fifteenth, […]