UAE Gold Visa is available to more people யை.இ

As a result of visa reform in the United Arab Emirates, golden visas will be available to more people. The rule is that golden visa applicants must have a valid employment contract in the UAE. The minimum monthly salary limit for professionals to obtain a Gold Visa has been changed from Dh50,000 to Dh30,000. This […]

A mosquito-borne disease –

[오늘의 키워드] input 2022.10.05 08:05 correction 2022.10.04 17:26 12 hits input 2022.10.05 08:05correction 2022.10.04 17:26 12 hits [사진=게티이미지뱅크] Due to the late heat, autumn mosquitoes are on the rise until October. Infectious diseases carried by mosquitoes include malaria, which occurs at home and abroad, and infectious diseases contracted abroad that are introduced to Korea through […]

‘Rangers’ Sir Alex Ferguson Appears at ‘Liverpool Home’ Anfield

[사진] Spotify Now broadcast screen capture [OSEN=정승우 기자] Sir Alex Ferguson, 81, visited Liverpool’s Anfield home. The prestigious Rangers FC of Liverpool and Scotland played the Group A match of the ‘2022-2023 season UEFA Champions League group stage’ at Anfield, Liverpool, England on the 5th at 4 am (Korea time). There was an unexpected person […]

Consumer prices rose 5.6% in September… Highest food prices in 30 years

September CPI rose 0.3% from the previous month (Sejong = Yonhap Infomax) Reporter Choi Wook Choi Jin-woo = Consumer prices have been climbing at the 5% level for two consecutive months. Food prices, a measure of pressure on the demand side, reached their highest level in 30 years. According to the ‘September Consumer Price Trend’ […]

In the tiger cage Munnar shook; Worried about where to open

Idukki: A tiger was caught in Munnar’s residential area of ​​Naimakkad. The tiger, which had been spreading terror by killing pets in the country for days, was trapped in a cage set up by the forest department. The forestry department has installed cages in three places. The tiger was caught at 8:30pm. The health of […]

visit Al Masjid and Nabawi; times for Haram women in Medina

A time was arranged for women to visit Rawla at the Haram mosque in Madinah. Allowing women to visit Roula twice a day, morning and night. It is advisable to book in advance to perform prayers at Rauda Sharif of Masjid Dunna Bawi mosque in Madinah. The Haram Department said special time has been allowed […]

Dow Jones jumps 825 points, stocks up Fed concerns about rising interest rates

The Dow Jones Index Closed on Tuesday (4 October) continued to rise, most recently rising 825 points, with stocks rising in all groups. As investors eased concerns about a Federal Reserve (Fed) rate hike after the United States released weak economic data. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 825.43 points, or 2.8%, to 30,316.32, the […]