From now on, crew members can go abroad and return to Hong Kong freely to keep the “code blue” hidden as “0+0”

Cathay Pacific announced to the crew that it would withdraw their “closed loop control” requirements at outstations with immediate effect. (File photo/Photo by Lin Junyuan) The government has further relaxed entry requirements for aircrew based in Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific has sent an internal email to employees announcing that their “closed loop management” arrangement overseas […]

Oriental Princess A new beneficial make-up, a new group of peony pieces.

Oriental Princess debut ‘New benefit’ The grand return of the best of natural color makeup. From expertise in beauty for more than 30 years with an understanding of Asian people. and adhere to the philosophy that believes in the beauty of Eastern science By using natural extracts to create a valuable cosmetic product. The first […]

“Doctor Thira” reveals the results of the study that Comicron is 1.41 times more likely to infect homes than Delta.

Professor.Dr.Teera Woratanarat Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine posted on Facebook Thira Woratanarat said that 3 October 2022 Yesterday, 236,498 people were infected worldwide, 487 more deaths, bringing the total to 623,446,523, with 6,550,573 deaths. The top five with the most infections were Taiwan, France, Russia, Japan and Italy. Yesterday, the number of new infections had […]

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Pujols home run 703… Passes Babe Ruth for second in RBI Albert Pujols of St. Louis, who is about to retire, became second in RBI history with his 703rd bow. Pujols, who was the designated hitter 4 times in the away game against Pittsburgh, fired two runs in the 6th inning and had one hit […]

How did neutron stars affect people?

How does a neutron star, which is formed when a massive star goes supernova, affect mankind? Stars are formed when a large number of plasmas are forced to the center by gravity. Stars, which are gaseous celestial bodies that emit light on their own, like the sun, react with each other due to pressure inside. […]

[속보] “Hyeonmoo missile hit during South Korea-US missile fire… No casualties”

▲ In response to North Korea firing a single intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) that crossed the Japanese archipelago on the 4th, South Korean and American military authorities are flying an attack squadron with F-15K and F-16 fighters 10 hours after the provocation .. In the drill that day, precision bombing was also carried out by […]

Even the same amount of food… Why eating late at night is easy to gain weight (Study)

Metabolism slows down and leptin decreases input 2022.10.05 08:05 correction 2022.10.05 07:56 Seizures 2 input 2022.10.05 08:05correction 2022.10.05 07:56 Seizures 2 A study found that eating late at night can make you gain weight. [사진=게티이미지뱅크] Eating late at night slows down your metabolism and increases your risk of obesity the next day, according to a […]